We Are United

We are united
in body and soul,

tendrils of ligaments,
impenetrable bones,
and swollen hearts.

Faith’s depths within,
faith without, no matter
now, there’s a cry for help.

Flowering vessels,
some weakened from
previous ills, or
old ripened woes.

Kindness stretches toward
friends, strangers, and foes.

It’s not a #memovement
unless unprepared
for your resting place.

A little discomfort
is better than dead.

Stop demanding freedom
when robbing another.

A mask upon our face
is a mere reminder

we are united
in body and soul.

A giving gesture
of cover and space.

Tend to your mind,
your heart will embrace.

Choose to care for
the human race,
testing our spirit,
let’s prove our grace.

We are united
in body and soul.

Let’s Unite in this Fight,