Types of Writing

photo: Pixabay

I’ve recently started writing after several years away, and find myself venturing out into different types of writing, such as articles, poetry, guest posts, and literary fiction, which have their own standards. Literary fiction has always been my main reading genre, yet I never wrote this kind of fiction… until now. Short literary fiction seems to be a good start.

Literary fiction has its own standards that set it apart from genre fiction. It is serious prose with the story focusing on the human condition in diverse settings, doesn’t contain a fast-moving plot, it’s character-driven, and entails themes and symbolism. I find it challenging because you need to draw the reader in with details instead of relying on the movement of the plot. It’s actually refreshing to try a new type of writing, so much so that I’ve submitted a story into a literary magazine.

This has also put me in the poetry-writing mood for literary magazines. It’s challenging to come up with a story in poetry form, flowing, and keeping to a particular meter. I’ve started reading several online samples of past magazine issues, wrote a few of my own, and submitted one.

Guest posts are another type of writing, sometimes personalized and other times more like in article form. I’ve done personalized guest posts, which are a great way to get exposure, but articles are another matter. When I was in college, I really disliked the research aspect of writing. I found it grueling and trying when it came to collecting the information and then having to put it into my own words. Years later, I find myself enjoying some of the research that’s involved in article writing. It has paid off because I will have a guest post article published on Monday, July 13.

Have you attempted new genres or styles?

Genres and Styles,