Times Are A Changin’

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What happened to my blog posts? Is anyone out there?

I hope this blog post finds you all doing well. The past few years have been difficult for everyone from politics to COVID to employment. Over the next year, I hope things settle, people insist on change, and find a steady and prudent way towards happiness.


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My focus on health, reading, and writing stories and novels has kicked my blog to the curb. I began this year with a heavy dose of activity and a shift in diet and it worked! I feel much better, dropped many pounds, and believe it or not, I look forward to my workouts, which I’ll be adding onto. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve done yoga, qigong, dog walks, meditation, and cardio. I hope to add Tae Bo into my cardio, strength training with dumbbells, and ab workouts. It would be nice to have a 6-pack ab by the time I hit 60-years old. That gives me 7-years to work on it. LOL! I’d really like to take up boxing, not sparing but learning how to use a punching bag. I might have to wait until I move to an English-speaking country. Mein Deutsch ist schlecht!


This year I became a voracious reader. I found an app called Inkitt and downloaded it. They’re all free stories and I’ve been reading mostly erotic and romance. The app is for new writers to build an audience, and I have to say, there are some damn good writers on it with wonderful imaginations.

Not many platforms tolerate erotic or some of the darker romance, so this was the perfect app for me. Along with reading on the app, I’ve also been reading free kindle books on my Paperwhite. It’s been a while since I’ve read a paperback, which I do miss. I hope to get back to it soon because there are so many books I want to read. I mainly buy paperbacks more so than eBooks. I know, I’m bad, but if I like a writer, I’ll definitely buy their book no matter the format.


I started the year off by writing a few literary short stories, which I might just publish on my blog. I sent them out to a few online magazines, but no bites. I’ll admit to being lazy when it comes to marketing and promoting my writing. This is why I don’t publish to make money. 😀 I just don’t have it in me or the money to write a story or full-length novel and then constantly push it out there. It’s just not me. I’m an introvert. I want to write, share a few free works, and sell some.

Now, I’m currently working on a dark romance (alpha type) and prepping for another romance (MC), which I have to do more research regarding motorcycle clubs. November is here, which is NaNoWriMo time so I might work on my second romance during the month. Along with those two novels, I have a few more book ideas in the works. It’s been over a year since I abandoned my almost completed crime novel. Maybe I’ll fit it in somewhere. Anyways, I’ve been online looking for alphas, betas, and/or critique partners.


Holy Hell! Traveling during this whole COVID thing is just nuts. For a Libertarian American, living in Germany, I can honestly say I’m disgusted with all governments when it comes to COVID and their demands. I’m not going to get into my feelings about all of it, other than what I had to deal with when I traveled. Although my husband is vaccinated, I’m not and he supports my decision not to get any vaccine.

In June, I had to travel to the states due to a death in the family. I live in a small town in Germany, so I went for my FREE antigen test a day prior to leaving and received the results in 15 minutes. While in the U.S., I couldn’t find any place that provided an antigen test with quick results. I took my chance at CVS on a PCR test. Of course, I didn’t receive my results by the time I was leaving so I had to run all around O’Hare airport to get the test done at a cost of $120. Someone is making a pretty penny off all of the test costs alone. The land of the free! BULLSHIT! Nothing’s free, not even the citizens. And I received the CVS results a week later. HA!

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Once I returned to Germany, we had planned to leave a few days later for Spain. Again, I went for my FREE antigen test in our little town and received the results in 15 minutes. I needed the test because we were driving through France, requiring it. While in Spain, we had to make an appointment for the antigen test to travel back through France with my husband’s parent’s doctor, who charged 50 Euros. We received the results in 15 minutes.

This month, we drove to Tuscany for our fall vacation. Again, I went for my FREE antigen test in our little town with quick results. I went for it within a few days before Germany changed the free tests to a cost of 10 Euros (I think). I needed the test because we were driving through Austria, requiring it. Once in the small town of Poppi, we found a pharmacy that did the antigen test for 22 Euros, and I received the results within 15 minutes.

There were many demonstrations in Italy, which has the strictest mandate laws. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a fan of Russell Brand as an actor, but as a voice of reason, I do respect him. If you get a chance, watch the below video about global mandates, and I highly recommend you read the comments. It doesn’t matter where you stand regarding vaccines or how serious you think COVID is because global mandates isn’t about that; it’s about people’s freedoms. If governments can take control of our autonomy with a jab to the arm, then we’re not a free people. It’s tyranny. If the government can force something into people’s bodies, they can do anything.

Struggles and Happiness,

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      Great to hear from you Denise, sounding positive and full of beans amid the doom and gloom not to mention your travel/Covid experiences – I hear you! Very impressed by your fitness regime, ‘chapeau’! do you think it helped your creativity? Always exciting to explore new avenues and subgenres, keep us posted about how that goes. And yes – self-promotion/marketing is a drag, why do it if you get a personal kick out of your writing? Life is too short! Enjoy! (sounds like you are…)xx

    • Author gravatar

      Thank you, Laurette. Yes, it helps to keep upbeat during times like these. I think my fitness regime has helped my creativity along with other things. I feel so good. Yes, I do love venturing into other genres. It keeps writing exciting. So glad you stopped by. 😀

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      Denise, it is wonderful to get an update from you. I’m so glad to hear that your focus on renewed health and wellness is going well!! It sounds like you are in a great place right now and I am so happy for you! I can’t believe all that you guys had to go through to travel during the time of covid. What a racket!!

      And I agree with you completely on Russell Brand. I love his videos and I find that his views align with mine on most things. Who would have thought it!?

      Stay well my friend!!

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        Misha, Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I guess we’re both dumbfounded that we tend to agree with Russell Brand. LOL!

        I hope everything is well with you. I wish you the best.

        Take care my friend!

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