There’s a Silver Lining Out There!

I’m proud to announce that our poetry anthology, Silver Lining – Poets Against Violence is available now on Amazon. All author proceeds go to Futures Without Violence. Not only will you read raw, beautiful poems from poets from around the world, but you’ll also be giving to a worthy cause.
This is the introduction to the poetry anthology.

The idea for this anthology came to me after reading and seeing countless stories and articles about violence. Violence doesn’t discriminate against age, color, or ethnic group because the defects of humanity know no bounds.

I needed a way to show my frustration regarding such senseless, inhumane acts we do to one another. We are supposed to be evolving into better people. With all the rapes, molestations, wars, murders, and other forms of violence seen every day on the news, I worry about the disgrace of humanity and where we are headed.

Poetry is the best way I could think of to share my sadness. I reached out to new and seasoned poets, who wrote these poems based on personal experience, feelings, or thoughts about violence. After reading these poems, I recognized the dimensions of cruelty across the globe that have pierced the hearts of all. Whether we live in Ohio or Dubai, we hear about the brutalities humanity inflicts. We come from all walks of life, and most of us want the same thing—to live in a peaceful world where tolerance is the norm. There are no reasons or excuses for violent behavior or making another person feel inadequate. The perpetrators of violence lash out because of their own inadequacies. Unfortunately, the innocent are caught in the crossfire.

Working on this anthology has been a humbling experience. I was able to get a glimpse of so many lives through the poets’ words—a journey every reader will get to take.

This anthology is a way to bring awareness to violence, personal or global acts. I hope these poems shed light on the cruelties that occur every day. Your purchase will make a difference, because all author profits will go to Futures Without Violence.

This anthology opened my eyes to the fact that violence, near or far, effects all of us. We ache for the losses from war. We cry for the kidnapping and rapes of hundreds of girls. Mass shootings still make us shake our heads and pray for those lost lives who were just going about their business. And in recent times, we have gasped at the way some police officers have conducted themselves, leaving a permanent scar with the families of the innocent. Black, white, asian, latino, American-Indian, most of us would like to live in a world where we can sit out on our front porch and look at the stars. To feel safe in the comfort of our homes. Help someone without it being a scam. Unfortunately, this isn’t the world we live in. But if each of us helps someone every day in a big or small way, a world of peace and safety could be within reach.

If you make a purchase/donation toward Silver Lining – Poets Against Violence, I hope you walk away from it with a new outlook on people and life.

Thanks for your continued support.

Poetry Anthology and Charity,
Baer Necessities