Thankful List

Tomorrow, the U.S. will celebrate Thanksgiving. Germans have their Thanksgiving at the end of September, but they don’t celebrate like the U.S. Since we moved here, we started our own traditions, which include a Thanksgiving meal to commemorate the U.S. and Germany’s day of thanks. We’ll be enjoying a hearty meal on Friday, and then I will put up my Christmas decorations on Saturday. Being thankful for the things in our lives doesn’t require a national holiday, but since this is the time of season, I thought I’d list the things I’m thankful for in my life.

My Thankful List – I’m thankful…

mom and I1. to have the mother I had, who supported me and passed along her beliefs and traditions. I miss her every day.
2. to have reconnected with my father, so we could begin a new relationship.
3. to have met my husband. He is the best man I’ve ever known, and has made me a better person. 047 - Martin by Montjuic Castle
4. for embracing change and taking chances. If it weren’t for either one, I wouldn’t be living in a foreign country with my soul mate.
5. for my sister, niece and nephew’s safety and health.
6. to have the opportunity to follow my writing dream.
7. for being able to recognize my faults so I can try to change them.
8. for Autumn, because it’s my favorite time of the year.
shakes39. for my four-legged baby, Shakespeare, who is my buddy and a momma’s boy.
10. for German breads and pastries. Even though I should just tape them to my thighs and ass, I still can’t completely cut them from my diet.
11. for my bed, because it is so awesome!
12. for being three years away from 50, and still NO GRAY hairs.
13. for finding jeans in Germany that are neither skinny nor look like a dog had attacked me.
14. for coffee, because I’m a coffee snob and enjoy every drop.
15. to have my health and a strong belief in God.
45 - Irma, Nan & Me16. for receiving emails or phone calls from friends I haven’t spoken to in a while, and hear them say how much they miss me.
17. for having such wonderful memories in my life, and knowing, there are still many more to come.
18. for daily whispers of love from my husband.
19. for all the do-gooders out in the world, who keep restoring my faith in humanity.
20. for laughter, because even for a moment, laughing erases all troubles.
058 - Martin and I-121. for my blog followers and writers I’ve met along my writing journey.
22. for fresh flowers in the house, because they always brighten a room and mood.
23. for God, who has blessed me with answered and unanswered prayers, even if it took me years to figure it out.
24. to be able to travel with my best friend.
25. for finding new passions, such as gardening and cooking.

Are you in charge of the turkey this year? What are you thankful for?

Thankful list and Blessings,

Baer Necessities