Tender Is The Rain

casting great warmth
upon the earth
changes one’s perspective

eyes wide open
relishing the heat, sensation
of natural wonders

heaps of blooms, beasts,
waterfalls and forests

give way to new paths,
purposes to wander through

Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya

then when our bodies are fiery, intense,
preserved for another day
sun dips away, skies part clouds

tender is the rain

washes away old footpaths
taken in the wrong direction

pain and regret, companions for far too long
trickle down our limbs
into the soil

creating a stew of the past
below our feet
free of its shackles

tender is the rain

seeps into our pores
nourishing breath, body
heart, and mind revolutionize

inner, outer, thrive
as each raindrop spreads
through our veins

tender is the rain

cleansing sins
awakening us from
sleepless slumber to a fresh foundation.

Nature Poetry and Humanity,

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