Tea Please!

When I lived in Chicago, I drank tea during the winter months because my condo was cold, but I wasn’t what you’d call an avid tea drinker. Fast forward to Germany, and I drink tea all year round.

Coffee had always been my drink of choice. I used to drink about a pot a day. It’s a German thing to have a cake and coffee in the middle of the afternoon. Many restaurants close after the lunch crowd and don’t open until about five or six. When we would stop for a little cake and coffee, my stomach would hurt afterward. At first I thought it was the sugar, but when we’d just stop for coffee, the pain would come back. Then I started having the pain in the morning, so about three months ago, I changed to tea in the morning, and I’m pain free. I’m assuming coffee is too acidic for me.

Although I love the smell of coffee, now I stick with teas, and enjoy all the different kinds of flavors. My husband turned me onto Twinings Tea, not that I didn’t drink Twinings before, but it’s our number one tea. We order from the Twinings Tea site, and we’re like kids in a candy store when the orders arrive. Maybe they sell more Twinings in the States or other countries, but we like to try different kinds. Check out their site, and all the delicious flavors without the calories and preservatives. Hot or cold, it’s a great way to take in flavored watered. I’d like to share a few of our favorites.

Summer Refreshers

Since it’s summer, I drink more water than tea, so I was looking for a cold brew type of tea. Stop! Twinings has Cold In’fuse tea bags for water. They come 12 per pack, decaffeinated, and full of flavor. So far, the ones I tried and love are: Lemon, Orange & Ginger, Watermelon, Strawberry & Mint, and Rose Lemonade. I have a travel water bottle that I drink from daily. These give the water a nice flavor that quenches my thirst. They actually have bits of peel and pieces of fruit. If you want natural flavors, no sugar and preservatives, this is definitely the way to go. It’s worth the costs.

Even though it’s summer, you don’t want to miss out on their Superblends—green teas infused with plant-based ingredients, natural fruit flavors, and vitamins and minerals. These teas are hot, along with the flavor, and they come in a 20 pack. So far, I’ve tried the Glow, which is a green tea with strawberry, cucumber and aloe vera. I’m not sure how much I glow after drinking, but it puts a smile on my face. The other one I’ve tried is Matcha, which is a green tea with cranberry, lime, and manganese. Another one for the tea shelves. My favorite one of them all is Turmeric (decaffeinated), which has turmeric, orange, & star anise. To some, they might be scrunching their faces in disgust, but the flavors actually compliment each other.

Mint, Ginger, and Green Tea Lovers

I also recommend the Mints Selection and Gingers Selection. It provides five of four different kinds of mint and ginger combinations. None of them are bad, they’re decaffeinated, and you get variety.

A favorite caffeinated green tea and ginger of mine is the Exotic Mango & Ginger Green Tea. You get the benefits of green tea, while at the same time, a blast of flavor. This is a loose tea, which will last quite a while.

All Year Round Favorites

I was going to do a Winter category, but these favorites of mine are great anytime of the year. Not only do I enjoy Twinings, but I also love Celestial Seasonings. I prefer black teas, so here’s my list of teas I drink daily and/or year round.

Earl Grey: This is my morning tea. It’s a black tea with lemon and bergamot flavors.

Russian Earl Grey: Another black tea for the morning or an afternoon pick me up.

Candy Cane Lane: This is a wonderful holiday tea. It’s a decaf tea that I usually drink during the winter, but if you’re craving a candy cane, this one is for you.

Jammin Lemon Ginger: I love this one because it’s decaffeinated with zest and a bit of heat from the ginger.

Sleepytime Classic: This is my favorite tea before bed. It’s comforting and smells great. Very relaxing.

Assam: This is a strong and malty flavored tea-a great afternoon tea with milk.

Nutty Chocolate Flavored Assam: A definite! I’ll have this when I want to drink a dessert. 😀 With a little bit of milk and a splash of honey, this tea is perfect with its hazelnut, chocolate aroma flavors.

– Anything Spiced Chai. I love spiced chai in the fall and winter. They’re comfy teas. A little bit of milk and honey enhances the flavors.

And if you want your house to smell wonderful and to get your insides warmed up, I suggest you make Adriene Mishler’s Yogi Tea. This is the best and has so many benefits.

I hope these suggestions meet your expectations.

Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

Health and Cozy Times,
Baer Necessities