Goal Completion and a Poem

I completed my first draft of my slow burn, dark contemporary romance novel, Lightness In My Dark. My goal was to finish it by the end of January, so now I’m working on my MC romance novel, Quiet Chaos. I thought I’d share one of my poems with you. Whispered Goodbyes I watch the sugar maplewave from the breezein awe […]

Tender Is The Rain

casting great warmthupon the earthchanges one’s perspective eyes wide openrelishing the heat, sensationof natural wonders heaps of blooms, beasts,waterfalls and forests give way to new paths,purposes to wander through then when our bodies are fiery, intense,preserved for another daysun dips away, skies part clouds tender is the rain washes away old footpathstaken in the wrong direction pain and regret, companions […]

100-Word Stories

History Repeats Droning on the airwaves, “History repeats itself.” I turn the knob and it clicks off. My hands press down on the armrests to heave myself up. No timer. No alarm. The shade of the setting sun my guide. Rows of plastic bottles line the counter—castanets from a lifetime of mishandling. One-by-one, downed with a sip of vodka to […]

The Sounds Poems Make

Since April (poetry month) is approaching, I thought I’d repost this one featuring poetry and musicians. When learning poetry, one learns the different forms of poetry along with a particular culture or history. They are a part of literature, such as meter and rhyme, and of the assumption that poetry is mastery of the language. As for lyrics, the average […]

Clueless Driver

This is a Minute Poem. It’s a rhyming verse form of 12 lines and 60 syllables. There’s 3 stanzas of 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4 syllables and the rhyme scheme is aabb, ccdd, eeff. I wrote this yesterday. Her driving is a curse they say (8, a)in every way (4, a)from traffic lights (4, b)to darkest nights. (4, b) She ignores others […]

There’s a Silver Lining Out There!

I’m proud to announce that our poetry anthology, Silver Lining – Poets Against Violence is available now on Amazon. All author proceeds go to Futures Without Violence. Not only will you read raw, beautiful poems from poets from around the world, but you’ll also be giving to a worthy cause. This is the introduction to the poetry anthology. The idea […]

A Poetry Lesson

No, it’s not really a poetry lesson. This is my last poetry post for April, so I thought I’d share a poem I wrote using the exercise Jeri Walker posted, 15-Sentence Portrait Poem. Wendy Bishop introduced this exercise to Jeri, and now I am copying the guidelines to share with you. Below are the guidelines regarding the 15-Sentence Portrait Poem. […]

The Dead Poets Society

Writers’ words live on through used pages of books and monuments. Every hand that holds and turns the pages, touches written monuments, changes us forever. In death, we still read their words—the Dead Poets Society. These dead poets’ written words make us bleed emotions, and we feel compelled to attach them to memes, tattoo them on our bodies, or inscribe […]

Kick off April with a Slam Dunk

To start out April, National Poetry Month, I thought I’d begin with Slam Poetry. Thanks to Jeri Walker at Word Bank Writing & Editing, I started watching slam poetry over the last year. Along with it being entertaining, I also am in awe of the performers. Slam Poetry or Poetry Slam is performance poetry. It inspires poets to focus on […]