Tender Is The Rain

casting great warmthupon the earthchanges one’s perspective eyes wide openrelishing the heat, sensationof natural wonders heaps of blooms, beasts,waterfalls and forests give way to new paths,purposes to wander through then when our bodies are fiery, intense,preserved for another daysun dips away, skies part clouds tender is the rain washes away old footpathstaken in the wrong direction pain and regret, companions […]

A Shift Toward Ourselves

Hello Lovelies, It’s a new day. A fresh year. It’s time for new beginnings. Goals. Dreams. We all tend to live in a circular motion, like a luggage conveyor belt, waking to the same tasks, going through routine motions until bedtime, and then waking again… Maybe this is the year to re-evaluate your life. Figure out what’s important. Think about […]