100-Word Stories

History Repeats Droning on the airwaves, “History repeats itself.” I turn the knob and it clicks off. My hands press down on the armrests to heave myself up. No timer. No alarm. The shade of the setting sun my guide. Rows of plastic bottles line the counter—castanets from a lifetime of mishandling. One-by-one, downed with a sip of vodka to […]

Character Interview with John Campbell-John

Hello Folks, we’re back with a fabulous interview I had with Mr. John Campbell. He’s a man of mischief and adventure-a boastful chap, if I might say so. Please join me in welcoming John. [fruitful_sep] Hello, John! Welcome and thank you for taking the time out to answer a few questions. Shall we begin? Your humble servant ma’am. Prey, please […]

Stories Based on Song Lyrics Writing Prompt- Part 3

We are continuing our stories based on song lyrics. The prompt was to write a short story, no longer than 1500 words, based on lyrics from your favorite song. Watch the videos so you have a better understanding of the story. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMVBP_0OOZY] Staring into the fridge, her eyes narrowed. She’d grown to appreciate his sidestepping the chores. It strangely […]