Books’ Theme Songs

Music assists movies by providing a sense of urgency, romance, or horror. It’s part of the sell. And if you really like the music, you can buy the soundtrack. We’re first enticed with a book’s cover and blurb. Then we crack open the book, or “Look Inside”, and read a few lines to get a sense of the author’s writing. […]

In Constant Bloom

I’m back from a relaxing vacation, and kicking off this return with a breath of fresh air. I tell you, this is one of my favorite author interviews because not only is she full of life, she has so much to share, and behind the scenes, showed me her big heart. Laurette Long has spread her wings in life, and […]

An Uncover and Conversation

I’ve been working with Ana Cruz to redo my book covers. In October, I redid a book cover for my dark, psychological suspense thriller, Net Switch. Mental institution. Internet chat room. Stalker. Chicago. Seattle. Murderer. “But have you ever felt as if the room’s air is seeping out and your body starts itching from impatience?” “The bitterness of loneliness always […]