Today is my niece, Renee’s, birthday; my sister, Vivian’s, daughter. I’ve been living in Germany for 6 years now, so I don’t get to see her on a regular basis. I went back to my old blog, and found a poem I wrote for her back in 2008. It isn’t a good poem; more like a reflection on life.

Renee at 3-years old

The Day We Met

So elusive, the day we met
Soft smelling skin, and wrinkled red.
Your beauty stunned with nothing said,
But knew I’d be in sister’s debt.
Tiny body wiggles from fret,
Wrapped tight in clothes, on back, in bed.
Rocking close to crib, while I read
Feelings for you, will not forget.

Lives became special with this shift,
Of baby in her pure white gown,
Eyes big, my emotions woken.

I thanked the Lord for such a gift,
Smiled down, gently kissed your crown,
Looked up, now sits a young woman.

Renee at 16-years old
Renee at 25-years old

Happy Birthday, Renee! I wish you a beautiful, safe, and enjoyable birthday. May every day be a new blessing, and you prosper and grow with each new year. Hope your birthday wishes come true. Love you always and forever.

Birthdays and Wishes,
Baer Necessities