Quarantine Time

Hello Everyone!

Staying Productive During Quarantine - Classy Career Girl

It’s been a month since I’ve posted on my blog, and I’m quite disappointed in myself. I wanted to make sure there was a post every week. Fortunately, I have a lot going on.

First, I updated my author website, so if you get a chance please check it out and let me know what you think. https://authordenisebaer.com/ I’m still trying to figure things out, which is why things are a bit off.

I’ve also started to work on a few novels I had put aside and I’m writing new submission pieces, such as short stories and poems. There are plenty of submission places, and I’m not sure I’ll be successful, but you won’t know until you try, right?

Along with starting new writings, I’ve also dabbled in hair. Since everything has been shut down, I took the liberty of cutting my own hair…and my husband’s! They both turned out surprisingly nice.

And what better time to work on projects than under quarantine. One of our biggest projects we worked on was a curio cabinet. My husband got it several years back on an eBay bid for 20 euros. Below are pictures of the project:

Original doors
After sanding
Doors and shelves after sanding
Finished product
Finished product

And during our downtime of house and yard work and projects, we enjoy our bike rides. Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s 27.21 mile bike ride.

The town where we live
Along the bike trail
Along the bike trail
Ferry you can take across to the other side. Here are Germans practicing social distancing. LOL!

That is it for now. I hope this finds you well, and still full of spirit.

Quarantine and Productivity,