Pause With A Few Poems


I search the precipice of time
An endless drop towards uncertainty
Cobwebs adorn those forgotten
Cling to fingers while pull from the past

Cherokee drum inside my chest
Reverberating in my head and ears
Consistent with the footsteps in travel
Vulnerable towards the elements

God’s tempest slows down my ventures
Pelted and bruised by such anger
Wait in the undercurrents until sleep
Oven warmth caresses me awake

Veer down cobbled road toward the forest
Slick like spit foot slips from stones
Dew drop leaves cleanse my cracked spirit
Snapped branches conquer sin

Grains of sand stop my wanderings
Jellyfish sting of tears and pain
Look out at an endless ocean
Beach begins foaming at the mouth

Cruelty and beauty of improvement
Dream over from such desperate seeking
Head turns on pillow to see you asleep
Found truth in journey—for now complete


As long as I know you’re riding shotgun
it doesn’t matter where we’re headed.
You and me winning the highway,
our thoughts flowing in sync.
Right here in the present,
future around the
corner, fingers
fastened tight
for the

Death Becomes Us

The path that leads to Heaven’s Garden
Isn’t for sale anymore.
Praying days, ask for pardon
He watches his soul rise and soar.

With a SOLD sign hung above its gate
Like Judas in the Joshua Tree,
Accepted wrongs prepared for fate
Peter smiles, says, “Nothing is for free.”