Our Inner Music

I enjoy all creative arts. Aside from writing, music is at the top of the list. One day I came across “The Do-Re-Mi’s of Personality” test, so I took it. It asks you to rate music genres, along with how you see yourself and a list of personality traits. There are also more personal questions regarding where you’ve lived and where you are in social class. I know these tests are just for fun, but the results are quite intriguing, which I will share with you here.

The first thing is it breaks down your responses by percentages (see below), and then it goes into detail regarding each one.  

Reflective & Complex – I do tend to enjoy classical, blues, jazz, and folk music the most.

“People with high scores on the reflective and complex music-preference dimension tend to be open to new experiences, creative, intellectual, and enjoy trying new things.” If this doesn’t sum me up, I don’t know what does. I’m definitely open to new experiences and trying new things if I was willing to quit my job and move to Germany. I’m a writer, (creative) and intellectual, yeah, definitely street smarts, not book smarts. I’ve always been able to figure out jobs, (ones I applied to with little to no experience) and everyday problems.

“When it comes to politics, they tend to lean toward the liberal side.” I disagree with this statement. There are some liberal thoughts I agree with but I don’t approve of the way liberals behave. According to Merriam Webster, politically a liberal means “a person who believes that government should be active in supporting social and political change.” I definitely don’t believe government should be in our lives as much as they are nowadays. If I HAD to attach myself to a political party, I’d probably be more Libertarian, and based on Merriam Webster’s definition, it means “an advocate of the doctrine of free will…a person who upholds the principles of individual liberty especially of thought and action.

“When it comes to lifestyle, high scorers tend to be sophisticated, and relatively well off financially.” Well, let’s just say sophistication and wealth are a few things I lack. 😀

Edgy & Aggressive – Alternative and rock are more to my liking than Heavy Metal.

“Based on your responses, you scored below average on the edgy and aggressive music-preference dimension…don’t get their kicks on skydiving or rock climbing.” This is true. I try to remain low to the ground.

“They tend to be friendly, less assertive than the average person, and conventional. They tend to place a lot of importance on family security, salvation, and tranquility.” Yeah, this rings very true. One of my biggest fears is losing someone in my family, so security is important. Salvation and tranquility have become very prominent in my life. I try to stay centered and listen to nature instead of the noise of the world.

Fun & Simple – This is another high percentage for pop, country, and soundtrack music.

“People with high scores on the fun and simple music-preference dimension tend to be sociable, forgiving, happy, reliable, and athletic.” Eh, this is iffy. I’m not really sociable and I’m working hard on forgiving, but I agree with happy, reliable, and athletic. I’m probably more outdoorsy now then I was in my younger years.

“When it comes to morals and values, they tend be conservative, and consider family, salvation, and discipline important life values.” This is also true, except for maybe discipline. I’m more of “follow what the morning brings to me” kinda gal. Every day I work to improve my inner self. Salvation and life values are important to me.

Energetic & Upbeat – Hip-hop, rap, funk, foul, and electronic are the main genre categories I like least.

“People with low scores on the energetic and upbeat music-preference dimension tend to be introverted, less assertive than the average person, and detail oriented.” Yep! I could probably be considered an introvert functioning as an extrovert. I am detailed oriented when it comes to important factors in life.

“As for politics and values, they tend to lean to the conservative side, and value intellect, ambition, and high art.” Even though this category is low, I disagree with these traits other than intellect. I find intelligence quite sexy. I’m neither conservative nor liberal, and my laziness muddles any ambition I might strive toward.

I’ve come across a lot of non-mainstream music on YouTube and I just can’t believe the talent I’ve been missing out on. In honor of this test, I’d like to share with you a video of a duo I’m totally crushing on; Larkin Poe, two sisters, who are descendants of Edgar Allan Poe. This is not their normal style, but I chose this because it’s a song they wrote for their grandfather, Larkin, who suffered from schizophrenia, and their grandmother who suffered from dementia. As cliche as it is, the words are hauntingly beautiful.

What do you think of the test and video? Are you going to take the test?

Music and Personality,