Mary Higgins Clark

When I first began reading seriously, the only books I would read were by Sidney Sheldon and Mary Higgins Clark, so it is with great sadness to learn Mary Higgins Clark passed away on Friday. She was 92-years old.

She truly was one of a kind, working hard to earn the title Queen of Suspense. Her suspense novels were about women beating the odds. She sold over a 100 million books just in the U.S. Below is a clip of an interview with her regarding her childhood home, writing, rejections, and her books.

“When she was 11, her father, Luke, an Irish immigrant who had owned a thriving pub before the Depression, died, leaving her mother, Nora, with three children. A few years later, she lost her beloved older brother.”

“She and Warren Clark, from her neighborhood in the Bronx, fell in love, and he proposed on their first date… Ms. Higgins Clark endured a rain of rejection slips for the next several years before she sold her first story, “Stowaway,” to Extension magazine in 1956…”

“By then she had three children: Marilyn, Warren Jr. and David. The fourth, born in 1956, was named Carol for a character in that story. The youngest, Patricia, was born in 1958… After 14 years of a marriage, Warren Clark, who worked in the shipping and airline industries, died of a heart attack in 1964, when Ms. Higgins Clark was 37. Soon she was looking for a job again, but she did not abandon her fiction writing. She rose before dawn to churn out pages while her children slept, then car-pooled to Manhattan to work at the Gordon R. Tavistock advertising agency.”

“In 1988, The New York Times reported that she had broken a record for what was believed to be “the first eight-figure agreement involving a single author.” The multi-book contract guaranteed her at least $10.1 million… Simon & Schuster said that all of her 56 books beginning with “Where Are the Children?” had been best sellers.”

It has been a long time since I’ve read a Mary Higgins Clark book, so in memory of her, I shall add one of hers to my shelf. If you enjoy suspense, I suggest you buy one of her books, one I remember, Weep No More, My Lady.

For more information, visit Mary Higgins Clark’s website.

RIP Mary Higgins Clark.

Young Reader and Life,