Knock Knock

Is anyone home?

I AM NOW!!!!

*wipes sweat from forehead, takes a gulp of water, and continues typing*

“Home is where your story begins”

For the past 2 months, my husband and I have been prepping to move, moved, getting our new home ready, and cleaning up the old flat. It’s been non-stop.

Last summer, we spent so many days bike riding and I celebrated my 50th birthday. This year, we spent the summer packing, cleaning, building, unpacking, painting, etc.

But it has been worth it. We moved from a flat (apartment 55 sqm) to a two-story house (200 sqm), a 30-minute drive from our old place. It’s nice that we are not too far from where we lived so we can visit old neighbors and friends yet, it’s like a little vacation town we moved to…at least that’s how it feels to us.

View from our dining/living room window
View from dining/living room balcony

In Germany, when you move to a new place, you need to install your own kitchen, so we purchased our kitchen and appliances from Ikea. It was the cheapest way to go, but for anyone who has ever purchased a kitchen from Ikea knows you have to put it together or pay for them to do it. We opted to do it ourselves. YIKES!

This is the kitchen before we moved in and received our kitchen

My husband patched the wall and I painted it. Below is a picture of all our kitchen boxes laid out in our living/dining room that needed to be put together. You really can’t imagine how much garbage we had to throw away.

Boxes arranged in order

Dishwasher and Oven
Refrigerator, which was broken, so we got a new one

My husband and I thought it would take us 4 days at the most. Instead, it took us over 2 weeks and we’re still not finished. He needs to hook up the exhaust. *Bragging time* I helped my husband build the kitchen, but he did all the technical stuff, such as hanging, cutting the bar the upper cabinets hang on, positioning them straight, connecting the sink, cutting the counter top, etc. My husband is a teacher, he doesn’t normally do this kind of work, and yet he did a great job. He’s far from lazy. What he didn’t know how to do, he looked it up, watched videos and/or read about it. My husband still amazes me every day regarding his skills, patience, and hard work. I LOVE the guy.

Since our kitchen is bigger than any one we had in Germany, we designed it by adding a kitchen island. Again, my husband figured out how to make sure it was all connected tight so it wouldn’t break and look nice. Below are pictures of my new kitchen. YAY! First time living here that I have a dishwasher.

Walking into kitchen from hallway
Wood backsplash
Kitchen Island
View from Kitchen

This was one of our bigger projects in the house. We’ve put a few other things together, painted, cleaned, and still have so much more to go.

The best thing of all regarding this house is I get my own yoga/writing area, and I LOVE IT! It isn’t ready yet, but I’ll definitely show you before and after pictures when I’ve completed it.

That’s what I’ve been doing over the summer. What about you? Would love to hear what you’ve been doing? Any vacation time?

Making a place home,