I’m still here, coming up for air from time to time. An independent author’s work doesn’t end, and then when I fit all the extra life moments, a month or two has passed.

On The Writing Front

While working on my MC romance and erotica, another story idea came to me, so began my underground gang/crime novel.


It would be nice to just write and have an immediate audience. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen, so I’m always finding new ways of finding my ‘target’ audience. I know it has been around for a long time, but I finally jumped on the Patreon wagon, hoping to have a closer interaction between my readers.

If you’re interested in either story, you can join my Patreon account, and read Quiet Chaos (MC romance) and/or erotica story for the low cost of one coffee for the month. I will be adding more poems, short stories, and book chapters. I also will add other novel chapters as time goes on.

Life is good. On a personal note, I’ve been keeping up at the gym at least three times a week. We have a new outdoor terrace, and my husband and I built a walkway to connect the terrace to our back area. Check out the before and after pictures.


Now for some indie author recommendations. Please take the time to read through these indie books, and if you find something interesting, buy it. You just might find your next favorite author. And after you buy it and read it, please leave a rating and/or review.

For a funny, paranormal romance, check out Dragons Do it Dirtier by Gemma Cates. Click on the book cover to get to Amazon.

Maybe a little cowboy love? Check out Finding Liv by Katina J. Rose. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Or cross the ocean to Scotland for a contemporary romance of the Man in the Mist by Cherie Roberson.

How about starting the holiday season with a Christmas romance? Frosty Cheer: A Hunks for the Holidays Novel by Kristen Fray.

That’s it for now! Wishing you all a joyous holiday season!

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2 thoughts on “Jubilation!

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      Thanks for this upbeat post Denise! Plus the generous pub for Indies, going to check out these books. Might I add another title? Most unusually, I found myself reading a book about cycling (!). As I have never got on a bike without promptly falling off, it’s a testament to the author’s style and humour that I read it to the end and have just downloaded book 2. ‘Back on My Bike’ by Tom Eastham decribes how cycling transformed his life after 60. Loved the before and after pics of your garden BTW .Happy writing – sounds like the ideas are coming thick and fast 😉 xx

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        Laurette! I always appreciate you stopping by. Yes, I feel the need to support indie authors, and I’m thinking this should become a regular on my posts. Your book recommendation sounds great! I love bike riding. I just downloaded it. 😀 Again, thanks for taking the time to read my posts and comment. Take care.

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