Holidays Are Here With Much Good Cheer!

Hey Lovelies,


I’m sorry I haven’t posted about Tuscany. With the holiday season upon us, I’ve been busy with Holiday newsletter, gifts, and cookies…and watching the Chicago Bears! The Chicago Bears are the 2018 NFC North Champions, and on top of that, they beat Green Bay!!!! Definitely a call for celebration.

Since I live in another country, I prepare a big newsletter for family and friends back home. I’m sure they appreciate the many pages, printed double-sided (LOL!), but there are a lot of pictures. I finished with my gifts and sent them off, and prepared 7 trays of cookies for our neighbors and the mail lady. This year I baked my mother’s peanut butter cookies, pecan balls, and then a few new ones, peppermint candy cane, Rolo cookie cups, and maple syrup shortbread. Dang! I can’t help myself during the holidays and I’ve had limited workouts.

And I also made a first attempt at kūčiukai, but my family always referred to it as šližika. It’s a Lithuanian bite-size biscuit served on Christmas Eve called Kūčios supper. My mom used to buy these from a Lithuanian deli and I love them, so I thought I’d make them myself. They turned out great and my husband wants more. 😀

Lastly, I hope the Monsters of the Midway make it to the Super Bowl and win! I love this team! I love Matt Nagy!!


From our family to yours, we wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas. May 2019 bring the world more happiness and love instead of anger and hatred. May we find understanding and acceptance in differences of opinion, and use the new year to focus on ourselves instead of on others. See you in the New Year.

Holidays and New Year!
Baer Necessities