Here’s a Little Secret

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I don’t like gore, but I do like a fright! For many reasons, I was never into horror movies or books because I just can’t stomach the torture and blood for shock value or realistic horror that gets to my psyche. Sometimes though, the pounding of my heart from being scared is exhilarating—but only once in a great while. This doesn’t always have to be in the form of horror. It can also be a psychological thriller. I thought I’d share a few not-so-popular movies that left me curled up in a ball, a blanket pulled to the chin, and eyes stuck on the screen.

Flatliners (1990) – This film freaked me out while at the same time made me think about my own life. What past tragedies would come back to haunt me? This is exactly what happens to five medical students’ experiment. They play with the notion of near-death experience by flatlining and then the others bring them back to life. What they don’t know is they somehow bring their past demons to life.

Identity (2003) – This film not only left me speechless but also provided inspiration toward my first novel, Net Switch. It’s a bloody mess of a movie, yet the premise is too good to pass up. Ten strangers are stranded at a motel and someone doesn’t want them alive. Each one is killed, while they’re trying to figure out what they did and who could be after them.

The Other (1972) – I watched this film in the 1970s and it still haunts me. Bad things are happening in a small farming town, which points to identical twin boys. Every time I think of this movie, I get chills throughout my body. I don’t think I can watch it again.

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Are there any “not-so-popular” movies that still give you the chills when you think about them?

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