Happy Holidays!

Christmas Market in Dortmund, Germany

I hope you’ve been well over the holiday season. My husband and I wound up sick a few days after Thanksgiving. He had the flu and I had a cold. Unfortunately, my cold stuck around for a little over a week, and my husband’s flu kept for three weeks. But, we’re better now.

The above video is from a Christmas market we went to this week. It was the first and only one we were able to make because we were sick. The video shows a trumpet playing Santa within the spruce trees. Here’s something I found out about this tree from The Travel.

“Here’s where things get a little creative! Dortmund, Germany’s Christmas Market is home to one massive Christmas tree… well, actually, 1,700 red spruce trees built on top of one another into a 150-foot tower. Built into a giant metal frame, the resulting fantastical transformer tree weighs over 88,000 pounds. More than 50,000 lights and ornaments festoon the market’s giant focal point; the angel alone weighs a cool 441 pounds!”

Today, I’m unveiling my book cover for my MC Romance, Quiet Chaos. This is one of my favorite book cover… okay, all my book covers are my favorites.

eBook Cover
Paperback Cover

Working on the book cover with the book designer was just as exciting as writing the book. This cover was designed by the talented Natasha at Dazed Designs.

This will be the last post of the year. I wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and an adventurous New Year’s!

Holidays and Book Covers,