Good Morning, Wonderful People!

How’s everyone doing out there? I’m sure work is tough, but do you like your job? How about those New Year resolutions? Are you setting aside some time for yourself?

I plan to do some posts about health, happiness, adventure, and remind everyone to find the good in people and things. I’d like to connect more with the world out there. I hope you didn’t have a gag reflex because I really feel it’s time we start truly connecting with one another and spreading positivity instead of negativity. There’s enough anger and hatred in the media and world, so I’d like to take another route.

When I was young, I thought it was cool to be crabby and distant toward people. I’d say things like, “I’m not a morning person,” and “I need coffee before I can talk,” and “Don’t bother me for at least a few hours in the morning,” and I’d walk around with resting bitch face. This attitude had bled into my adulthood, and when I started connecting with writers who had a tendency to feel the same way, I thought I found a group of people who really got me. Us writers would say that we were introverts, didn’t like to be bothered, and some even went as far as carrying a book with them and reading at family events. Then I met my husband—my positive pill. My happy, never crabby husband, and now I wake up with a smile on my face and a positive disposition.

The thing is, we choose how we want to be. Yes, when you’re at a miserable job or in an unhappy marriage, it’s instinct not to see the positives in life. Finding the right man in my life was the kick in the butt I needed to flip from miserable to cheerful. But I could have found the positives when I worked at my job prior to meeting my husband. Occasionally, I would remind myself how great I had it. How lucky I was to get such experience, great pay, and do things I enjoyed without having to financially scrape by. Unfortunately, this positivity didn’t last long.

Life can become hectic no matter whether you work full-time, part-time, or stay-at-home. We still have to juggle our home responsibilities with work, activities, and finding time for ourselves. I hope we all can find a happy balance. Every day is a new day. If one day happens to spin out of control, or you find yourself sitting on the couch with potato chip crumbs sprinkled all over your lap, just chuck it up to be one of those days. Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves, or think because we messed up the rest of the week, month, or year is worthless. No day is worthless. Each one is a stepping-stone to our dreams and aspirations.

In recent months, I’ve been feeling great. Positivity helps against the darkness in this world. My life isn’t perfect, but I have a wonderful, loving husband and an adorable dog. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and my health. I’ve asked for forgiveness for past things I’ve done, along with forgiving myself. I know I can’t move forward if guilt or regret hangs over me.

Since this post is about connecting, I thought I’d touch on a few things that are going on in my life.


Earlier this year, I wrote a post about Another Year, Another Resolution. I had big plans to get healthier. I didn’t do too badly with the healthy eating, but the activities got off to a slow, slow start. From January to March, we had cold and rain, so we didn’t get much chance of going on bike rides, and I let the weather dictate how I felt. I thought it was okay to gripe about the weather and life in general. What can I say, I’m a work in progress.

It took decent weather for my outlook to change. It shouldn’t be, since I can choose how to seize the day. In recent months, I’ve been doing Yoga on a daily basis, going for walks, and bike riding. A few weeks ago, my husband and I did our longest ride yet—65 km (40.6 miles). I never thought I’d be able to ride a bike 40 miles. In my younger years, I wasn’t much of a bike rider, but now I love it. I’m slowly seeing physical changes.

I hope you find an activity you enjoy—one that you can commit to daily. An active heart is a healthy heart.


I don’t believe in organized religions, but I’ve always been a huge believer in God. Looking back on my life, I can see where he helped me out. As I stated before, I’ve been blessed with many things in my life, and I pray daily.

You don’t have to be religious to give thanks. You can say it aloud to the universe or in your head. It’s a good feeling to recognize the good in your life.


I didn’t get to this state of mind overnight. There were a lot of things I had to deal with and it took practice for me to transform my thinking. I have to work at it every day, but it gets easier the more I nurture myself.

So I challenge you to set aside time for yourself every day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 5 or 15 minutes or an hour. You should find time to be with yourself. Don’t think about to-do lists or worry about monies, the kids, work, etc. Be in the moment of YOU, and concentrate on all the things you’re grateful for, the positives. Keep the negatives at bay. Let’s try and make our lives and world a better place.

Leave a comment about how you feel, what you’ve been up to, good deeds, or anything else because this is where you can be anonymous. This is where you can open up without being recognized. 😉

Nurture and Namaste,
Baer Necessities