Goals and Challenges!

I think it’s great to make goals in life. Goals give us hope and purpose, challenges and failures, and always keep us going. And what better time to list personal goals than a new year, especially after this one.

This year was a tough one for many. I can honestly say that although it was challenging, it wasn’t the worst year of my life. But I’m looking forward to 2021 and the goals I’ve set for myself. Some are repetitive goals while some are new.

Health and Prosperity

Like the past several years, one of my goals is to focus on health. This year’s pandemic and weather were at odds with keeping healthy. Although I still tried to keep active, there were still too many “butt-in-chair-watching-TV” days for my liking. And what goes best with TV? Snacks.

This year, I plan to continue my yoga and qigong journey, hop on my stationary bike or stepper when the weather is bad, and fill the house with foods more in-line with the Mediterranean diet. We already eat whole grains, veggies, and fruits, but it’s time to up it and cut out the unhealthy snacks.

I also plan to make sure foods and meditations are readily available during my chronic pain days when cooking and workouts are difficult to accomplish.

May this year have much better weather so I can get on my bike and beat my 48 mile (77 km) bike ride record!


I’ve already started doing more writing, but I hope to focus a lot more on it. I want to start writing on a daily basis even if it’s just a 100-word limit. At least it will get me into a writing routine. I even bought myself several notebooks, one being dedicated to my daily writings, and already started some writing word counts.


We are into the 2nd year of our rented home and we have already made a lot of changes. Now I am focusing on the outdoors. There are several areas needing flowers, vines, and outdoor decor. I’ve already started a spreadsheet of our hardiness zone and plants and flowers we could plant in the shade and full sun. And along with plants and flowers, we are planning a little vegetable and herb garden.

I left Facebook for so many reasons and joined MeWe. I’m in a gardening group and received suggestions regarding online garden sites and videos. I received some great subscribed sites, and hope to take part in herb salts, preserving vegetables, and pickling. At the beginning of this year, I plan to attempt my first Kimchi recipe.

In my everyday life, I’m blessed to have my husband and our dog, Shakespeare. Shakespeare just turned 8-years old on December 6, and our 8-year anniversary is today!

I wish you all a better year. Hopefully all this “me” time has allowed for self-reflection and gratitude awareness. No matter how difficult our days or years are, we still woke with new breath, which is more than many.

From my home to yours, much health and happiness. Christmas is my favorite holiday…as you can see. 😀

“Life is a one-time offer, so chase whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out.”

Do you set yearly, monthly, or daily goals?

Goals and New Years,