Goal Completion and a Poem

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I completed my first draft of my slow burn, dark contemporary romance novel, Lightness In My Dark. My goal was to finish it by the end of January, so now I’m working on my MC romance novel, Quiet Chaos.

I thought I’d share one of my poems with you.

Whispered Goodbyes

I watch the sugar maple
wave from the breeze
in awe of its powerful beauty
as it stretches to heaven.

Limbs shade the whole backyard,
leaves changing their attire

to autumn spices.

It wears its reds,
oranges, and yellows with passion,
while some foliage already

whispered their goodbyes.

The rock star Pileated woodpecker
from the neighboring rotted oak,
exhumes carpenter ants,

then nests from the gasping freeze. 

Days lengthen.

Trees elevate the woodpecker’s high-pitch
monkey cry followed by a courtship dance,
sideways step

for its life’s mate.

In springtime, thoughts of you sprout
as I gaze at the maple,
which always recuperates after
a hard winter’s journey,

along with the woodpecker’s forever love,
feeding its young.

It was this time of year,
silence had captured you.

Without a choice
Without a reason
None was our chosen season.

The weather didn’t cause it,
nor age, only a loathsome illness.
A word unheard of until now.

A future annihilated
in a single moment,
it took away any courtships,
turned engagements.

no more,
we wait upon the Cardinal,
to deliver its message from you,
whether in Dante’s Inferno, Purgatorio,
or Paradiso.

Our plans changed with accelerated seasons
that took a toll on vivid remembrances.

But I still recall your colorful attire
your high-pitched laughter
your striking green eyes,

and the fact we never whispered our goodbyes.

Goals and Writing,

2 thoughts on “Goal Completion and a Poem

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      Chère Denise, tried to reply but gremlins got me… you may end up with 2 comments!! First what a beautiful poem, do hope there are no personal undertones? Huge congrats on finishing ‘Lightness in my Dark’, very inspiring and may the gods wing it onwards. I often find that bleak January is a rather fruitful month after all, don’t you? Keep safe you three xxx

      • Author gravatar

        Thank you, Laurette. I’m glad my poem moved you. I wrote it in remembrance of my cousin Ann, who died when we were 19-years old.

        I have to take a break from it before revisions, so I’m plowing through my other novel. Bleak January is the perfect month for celebrating writing. I appreciate you stopping by. You and yours stay safe, too. 😀

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