End Of A Mad Year

We are approaching the end of a year. It was an emotional and physical roller coaster for all of us. Hopefully, we can find the positive in all the negative that’s been out there. Each day, no matter what troubles us in our lives, we have something to be grateful for. For one, I’m always grateful to God for giving me a new day of breath. This gives me another opportunity for challenges, successes, failures, and learning. It gives me another day of love and laughter.

May the season bring us peace with our loved ones, near or far. May it make us humble and grateful. May it bring us focus and self-care. May we surround ourselves with those who uplift us and make the sun shine from the inside out.

Tough times and Gratitude,

4 thoughts on “End Of A Mad Year

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      I’ve always found it odd that we consider the end of the year where we do. I think that everyone has their own new year-it starts on their birthday.
      Or maybe we should just treat the year like a video game. Not happy with how it’s working? Just press reset and start the next day anew!

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        Leon, I guess some people consider it the end of the year because winter is a time for hibernating. But I’m sure there are many people out there, like you state, that goes by their own new year. It would be nice to reboot days to start anew. Thanks for popping on by and commenting.

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      Thanks for your uplifting words Denise – tough times indeed but gratitude also, we have been able to focus on what really matters this year and do a spiritual ‘de-clutter’. Hope you and yours get some lovely snowy festive days to enjoy with the canine Bard…x

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        Laurette, I’m hoping for some snowy days, too, but I don’t see that happening. 🙁 Oh well, my love and the canine Bard will enjoy the festivities coming up. Take care.

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