Dream Lover


Do you hear that? No? It’s me whispering in your ear. You’re the one I hold close to my heart and I feel compelled to tell you so. I’ve dreamt a thousand dreams about you, and in those dreams you always warm me with your smile– amongst other things. You like that don’t you? I see a devious grin unzip across your face. Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering what you’re doing, or if you ever think about me. When you don’t answer, I close my eyes and drift off finding you receptive to my thoughts and feelings.

Our time is limited, only minutes it seems until my alarm clock shouts at me, something you never do. The lightness of your breath warms my face and body like a slow moving fog. You cover me darkening everything around us. The salt and tenderness of your lips drift me deeper, as you are, into our dream. A restless soul calmed by the silence and pleasure you fulfill. Your thumb gently glides across my lips, cheeks as we plunge deeper into our fantasy. With an indescribable intensity, our bodies stop, collide, release sweet juices ripened from our time away.

It’s here where our separate lives become one. Our breathing brings music to the room, while we lay next to each other skin greased with sweat. Words are unnecessary at this moment. When the room settles, and we’re about to turn to one another, reality pulls me away. But before I leave you in my dreams, I whisper, “You’ll always be my Dream Lover.”

Now here you sit across from me thinking about what we’ve experienced together. This is the moment, outside of our dream, where I finally get to say…

Deep inside my unconsciousness
You stir, relinquish my righteousness
For I’m uninhibited, open to discover
What darkness has from my Dream Lover.

I wrote this back in March 2009 after a dream I had of my now husband. Our online friendship was still new, but I had already fallen in love with him. I like looking back to see how good or bad my writing was and get a small peek at the past to see what was going on at the time.

Do you ever look back at your writing? Or reflect on what was going on in your life at the time and how your writing related to it?

Dreams and Reality,
Baer Necessities