Day Trip to Historical Sites

My husband and I had a four-day weekend together, so we decided to take a Friday day trip to a few historical sites. The weather was great, so I packed a little lunch and snacks and we were off. We drove about an hour away to the Sauerland District to a town called Arnsberg. As you can see, it has many foothills and the River Ruhr runs through here.

First mentioned around 800, the counts of Werl built Arnsberg in the 11th century. The castle remains are an attraction for visitors and celebrations. I thought I’d share a few pictures of our travels.

This is the Propsteikirche St. Laurentius church and monastery. I didn’t take any pictures inside the church, but it is beautiful and old. I saw cracks running down the walls, which added to its charm.

007 - Propsteikirche St. LaurentiusWe walked around the town before heading up to the castle. DSCI0156
DSCI0204And when I saw this sign, I started to sing this song. These are the full lyrics. They’re funny, and it’s actually the first time I’ve ever heard them.

DSCI0155We climbed up some steep streets to get to the castle. Since the castle had been destroyed, there is a replica of what it looked like before its destruction. DSCI0160This is a bunker near the castle where some people hid during WWII when many lives were lost in Arnsberg. DSCI0164
DSCI0198After a few hours spent in Arnsberg, we drove to the Möhnesee Lake and Dam. This is the Möhne Reservoir, an artificial lake formed by two rivers, Möhne and Heve. The dam was built in the early 1900’s to regulate the Ruhr River’s water levels. During WWII, British bombers, known as the Dambusters, destroyed the dam. Not long after, the Germans quickly repaired it.

We walked around the lake and stopped at a restaurant called Lago for a fresh waffle with hot cherries and ice cream. It was the best waffle I have ever had in my life.

DSCI0239I’m adding this picture so you could see how low the water is on the side of the lake, and how high it is on the other.DSCI0241

This deserves to be here. I love the yellow Canola fields next to green fields. It’s beautiful.DSCI0247This was a restaurant that offered boating and paddle boats. We didn’t eat there, but I thought it was cute. Maybe next time.DSCI0253Have you traveled anywhere lately?

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