Cozy Up To The Fire

Curled up on the sofa in your favorite flannels, covered with a Sherpa blanket, your toes nestled into wool socks that stretch up to your knees. The crackle of the fire burning in the fireplace warms your face and hands. You stare into the fire, escaped smoke waters your eyes, and you breathe in the wondrous smell of winter, thankful for such luxury.

Now you reach for your favorite beverage—a hot cup of Candy Cane Lane tea. The peppermint smell awakens your senses. You take a sip, close your eyes, and swallow the warmth until it flows down to your feet.

You look over to the other side of the couch and see your furry friend watching you. His curiosity makes you smile. You place the cup back on the table.

This time, you retrieve a book and flip to the bookmarked page, nestling further into the couch. After a few pages, you place the book on your lap, reflecting on the title—thinking back on all you have lost in life. But then you recall the things you’ve found along the way.

And you’re left with the wonder of peace and appreciation, knowing how fortunate you are even with troubles and setbacks. Life has brought you here, sitting in the warmth of a home, and showered with love by those who surround you.

Gratitude for the things we forget,

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