Character Interview with Toni Bennett

The following interview is with Toni Bennett currently the partner to Harry DeMarko, both professionally and personally.  They are Private Investigators.  Toni was a prostitute and one night when she was being approached by a known felon, Harry stepped in and was shot.  Toni saved his life and the rest was history – not really it took a long time for Harry to trust Toni and for Toni to decide to leave the life of a prostitute and learn to be a Private Investigator.

1) What is the best thing about being you?

I work my own hours, I get to carry a gun, and sometimes Harry even lets me shoot people. Plus the coffee’s excellent, now that I’m making it.

2) What are you most afraid of?

Waking up and discovering that nothing changed. That Harry died in that alley, he never let me in, and I’ve got to get my ass back out there on the street. That and the heels.

3) What was the best/worst part about working as a prostitute?

The best part about hooking? Easy- having people give me money for things I like to do anyhow. The worst part? Bad breath. Hands down.

The best thing is he doesn’t look down on me. The worst thing is probably how much he doubts himself. It takes a lot of effort to convince him that he’s worth MY time. That can be exhausting.

5) If you could live anywhere – where would you live and why?

There’s no place in the world that can top the Bowery. Why would you even ask that? You must not be from here. Your loss. I mean, come on: Katz’s, Ray’s, Bellini’s. CBGB’s is two blocks away. The Garden is a cab ride away. And the museums! But mostly the food. All that AND I get to shoot people. This is the greatest town in the world! Even if Jersey IS so close.

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