Character Interview with Major Artemis Trekes

This week we’re taking a break from the stories with an interview. While interviewing Kheda, I felt like I was on an undercover mission. I must advise you, the reader, that I’m unable to reveal where our interview took place. Kheda’s mission is highly confidential, and any breach shall be deadly for many.

Me: Hello, Major Artemis Trekes. Thank you for joining us.

Kheda: Thank you for having me. You can call me Kheda.

Me: Kheda it is. Are you visiting earth today or are you somewhere in the solar system?

Kheda: For safety reasons Jackson asked me to keep our location a secret. There are many people who don’t approve of what we are doing.

Me: I understand. Nowadays, people can be very touchy. May I ask who is Jackson?

Kheda: The love of my life. The whole reason I could no longer swallow the lies my government was feeding me. “This mission will make your career” they said. Ha! It nearly got me killed. Jackson was the only good thing to come of it. Who would have guessed it of a human? Sorry I was rambling.

Me: It’s nice to hear you have a love. Sometimes love saves us from making big mistakes. Is it normal for humans and your kind to romantically interact?

Kheda: They are the enemy. They have been for 200 years.

Me: If you’re not human, and they are your enemies, then what are you?

Kheda: I am Kelsairan. Until recently I was a decorated officer in the Kelsairan army. I led my own men and cross trained in special ops. The humans feared my name.

Me: What happened recently to change your status as a decorated officer in the Kelsairan army?

Kheda: I couldn’t complete my special ops mission. The details are classified, but it involved Jackson. We’ll just say my government wasn’t pleased, and I was thrown in prison.

Me: That’s horrible! I can’t believe your own government put you in prison because of a incomplete mission. Did you get a fair trial? Were you in prison long?

Kheda: My trial was only for show. The outcome was determined before I ever stood before the tribunal. If it weren’t for Jackson I would have died in that prison. Several months is nothing.

Me: He sounds like a wonderful guy. Are you two working together now?

Kheda: Yes, you could say that. Although, some days we don’t get much work done.

Me: Sounds like you two are close. Having a personal and work relationship can be tough. What part of your missions do you enjoy the most?

Kheda: We only have one mission: to end the war. As long as Jackson is beside me I am happy. I don’t know when or if we will ever succeed, but at least we are together.

Me: I’m guessing you mean the war against the Kelsairans and humans. That must be difficult since he’s human and you’re Kelsairan. Did you two create your own army or are you on your own?

Kheda: We are alone in our effort. We can not fight our governments. More fighting will solve nothing. As odd as it sounds for two soldiers, we are looking for a diplomatic resolution.

Me: Well, I wish you both luck! It’s been a pleasure meeting you. Stay safe. I should say, it’s been a pleasure talking to you.

Kheda: Thank you for showing others peace is possible.

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Missions and Love,
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