Character Interview with Adam Larimore

Hello, Everyone! This is the last of the character interviews. I hope you enjoyed them and found something of interest. Today, I had the privilege of speaking with Adam Larimore of Larimore Systems. Even though he has money, he experiences struggles with his father. Please join me in welcoming Adam.


Hello, Adam! Welcome and thank you for willing to be candid with us today.

Thank you for inviting me. It’s not every day I get to sit down and do an interview without a representative of Larimore Systems also being present!

Then I am doubly appreciative of your time.

Me: So, you’re the son of the powerful, self-made billionaire, Victor Larimore. How does it feel to have such respected, influential father?

Adam: I feel cut off and lonely to be honest. Most people are only decent to me because they’re scared of my father and he only ever has a kind word to say to me when we’re in public. He just sees me as another one of his investments and makes no secret of the fact that I was created to inherit his company. I find living up to his expectations almost impossible. Nothing I ever do is good enough and he makes me feel worthless most of the time.

Me: I’m so sorry to hear you feel this way. Do you think you turned out the way your parents expected? If not, why?

Adam: I never knew my mother so I don’t know if she ever thought about how I might turn out. I know I haven’t turned out as my father expected. I once found his list of desired character traits for his perfect heir on his computer. It read more like a job description. So I decided to rebel. I started not bothering to turn up for company board meetings, going drinking in illegal underground clubs, embarrassing father at social events, vandalizing Government property…I basically do anything that I know will piss him off and go against his expectations for me. He calls me a disappointment more often than not, but he used to do that before I found his precious list so I know that he means it. If he could have another son I honestly think that he would.

Me: It sounds like a tough list to live up to. Maybe tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Adam: I’m nineteen years old and already hold the position of Development Director with my father’s company. I have a genius level IQ and thanks to genetics I can’t get sick. Now that I’m an adult my cells will age much slower than a normal person so I will live for a lot longer. I’m gay and if my father ever finds out he will probably disown me. I sometimes feel as though I was born a century too late. I enjoy listening to 21st century rock music and all of my clothing is custom-made and based on the old alternative designs.

Me: Then what keeps you from living happily ever after?

Adam: Father does if I’m being completely honest. I do want to take over Larimore Systems one day, but I want to run the company differently and focus more on using technology to help people rather than make a profit. This is something that I can never do in his lifetime as I know he’ll use his influence to stop me.

Me: If you could sit down with someone and be honest with s/he without any repercussions, who would that person be?

Adam: My godfather. Ivan already knows me better than my family ever will and sometimes I just wish I could sit down and tell him exactly how I am feeling about my life. I’d like to think that if he knew that he would try to help me, but I worry that his loyalty to my father would come first.

Me: What do you value most in your life?

Adam: My intellect. I’m really not bragging when I say I’m the smartest person in the country. Without it I wouldn’t have anything really.

Me: If you had one free day with no responsibilities, what would you do?

Adam: I would like to get away from London for a day. Some of the coastal cities are rebuilding and I would love to go and see how the regeneration is progressing.

Me: Describe your ideal mate.

Adam: Someone whom I can really open up to and be myself around. I know I have a darker side and I want to meet someone who can accept me as I am, and not try to change me to fit in with their expectations.

Me: We finish this interview; you walk outside and find a lottery ticket worth $10 million. What would you do?

Adam: I’d collect the prize and distribute it to those in London who need it most. I have no need of the money myself and would want it to really make a difference to people’s lives rather than line the pockets of the so-called social elite that run our country.

Thank you for your time, Adam. I’m sorry you and your father don’t see life in the same way. Maybe in time it will change.

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