Character Eulogy for Kuyrill Kazyn

The world will feel the loss of such a brave raptor. Falsely accused of murder, Kuyrill still found the time to help others. His fiery sacrifices and generosity in sharing his rats will be remembered through generations to come.

Eulogy for Kuyrill Kazyn, Delivered by Baht

We are here to remember Kuyrill Kazyn, one of the great Ranhyn of our time, but I, Baht, doubt you know how much we owe him. He was brave but clever, honourable, generous, yet also something of a rebel. You raptors may not know this, but those giant rats we all so love for the taste and crunch were brought here with questionable legality by Kazyn. When his father sent him to the planet of origin to investigate their level of technology, and some will think this highly eccentric, he adopted a human, a mammal, as an honorary nestling. This woman, Natasha Kotchetkova, was a Lord of War, the head of the Terran military. When a criminal corporation kidnapped this Natasha, some might have been pleased to have this embarrassment removed. Not Kazyn. He invited many gang members to dinner, not that they had the option of declining, and he fed them well. Those who told him where Natasha was held captive would be allowed to eat and leave. The rest, well, he intended to dine well for some time. Some did tell him, and he kept his word. The rest filled his larder.

When he returned to Ranh, our society was in religious turmoil, with a call to remove humans from the planet of origin. His father was dead, the house of Kuyrill in disorder, and he could not fulfill his promise to his nestling to help arrange a peace treaty between the civilizations. He needed to get noticed, so he played in a College tailball team against the roughest opponents. There followed a challenge, three to one. Kazyn accepted, and to show his cunning, made them fight with Kendo poles. This led to the most famous public plucking of recent times. It also led to his being accused of murder, and while he had an iron-clad alibi, as he was eating rats with the head family of the military curia, Methrell put him on the run, and to help his nestling, he accepted. The rest you know.

Kazyn was generous. When I was unacknowledged, he paid my student fees. When I got into trouble helping him, somehow he persuaded Methrell to help me, and that kept me alive. You may not know this, but Methrell was really fierce; she once killed three assailants in one leap! One with jaws to the neck, one raked with a claw that opened his gut, and one with a tail blow to the throat. And so, when the house of Seppet fell in disgrace, Kazyn offered to take Methrell as a mate. He is survived by the three permitted Ranhynn and as you might expect, with such good stock, they are already notable in our society.

Kazyn, rest well and happy hunting in the eternal forests. Your like will not be seen again any time soon.

Since Kazyn played a role in a few books, please take a look at the book blurbs.

In 2285, thirty-four exhausts are seen travelling at relativistic velocities to end on Miranda, the innermost moon of Uranus. First contact with the aliens occurs on Mars, where treacherous Corporations that are desperately seeking power form an alliance to capture Mars and Earth. The alien ships are the defeated remnants from the Battle of Plotk, and they want the alliance because they need labour to repair their ships. Scaevola and is sister return to Earth, which they were prophesied to save, but they have two battleships, and while these are in far better condition, they will still be outnumbered 17:1. They need help from Earth, where Natasha Kotchetkova, the Commissioner for Defence is faced with an alien race that totally outclasses any Earth military technology.  War is coming, but even if Terran forces can win, who wins the following peace? Meanwhile, Scaevola must meet his prophesied “only woman remaining in his life”, who was also the ugliest woman in the world.

An epic with 18 major characters, four alien races, several romances, not all of which end well, treachery, and is set variously in 3 continents, the Earth-Moon L-4 space station, Mars, Iapetus, the asteroid belt and Miranda. While technically the fourth in a series, it was originally written as a stand-alone book.

Ranh, a planet  seeded with Cretaceous life from Earth that has evolved a technologically advanced race of raptors, many of who feel the proper place for a mammal is the larder. Governed by a theocracy, there are always some who wish to remove humans from the Planet of Creation (Earth). While a treaty with other advanced civilizations previously forbade them, that treaty has expired, and Natasha Kotchetkova arrives at Ranh to negotiate a further treaty. The agreed plan formulated on Earth is simple. The Kuyrills head the Space Curia, Kuyrill Kazyn would present Natasha to the Curia and his father would ensure the treaty was signed.

That plan failed. On arrival home, Kazyn finds the Kuyrill’s in disarray and his father dead. Kazyn suspects assassination, and shortly Kazyn is accused of murder. Somebody does not want this treaty. While he has the perfect alibi through Seppet Methrell of the Military Curia, Methrell, perhaps the most dangerous female on Ranh, puts Kazyn on the run. Is she trying to sort out what is going on? Is she testing Kazyn as a possible mate? Or are her motives more sinister? Kazyn’s only ally was his servant Baht, unacknowledged, the lowest of the low, who was forbidden to hurt a fly or stand up for herself, yet she must do what no other unacknowledged has ever done or there will be interplanetary war. And will Natasha and her associates survive long enough to get to the signing? A tale of plotting, conspiracy, religious fervour, murder, treachery, honour, diplomacy, and tail-ball.

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