Character Eulogy for Dorothea Ferrari

Today is our first character eulogy of Dorothea Davies Ferrari. Gone, but not forgotten. Are you going to miss Dorothea or are you going to see how she’s lived in Dorothea’s Advice for the Lovelorn?

Dorothea Davies (nee Ferrari), December 2067

Dorothea Davies will be remembered for her kind heart, her honesty, and her unconditional love and devotion to her family and friends. All of those who had the pleasure to know and love Dorothea are indebted to her for her thoughtful advice and support, her well-considered opinions, and her ability to turn a grey day into a day full of sunshine.

Dorothea led an interesting and varied life. She achieved her degree in Psychology after returning to university as an adult student following her marriage to Nathan Davies. She went on to open her own relationship and matrimonial guidance agency, Dorothea’s Advice for the Lovelorn, a wildly successful counseling business which gained nationwide notoriety as the advisor for the popular TV dating show, Friendzone or Forever?  Dorothea and her husband spent several years living in Rome, Italy, where she was instrumental in establishing charity organization Maurizio Ferrari’s Legacy in honor of her grandmother. In Dorothea’s later years she retired from managing her relationship counseling agency but remained an active and enthusiastic participant on marriage guidance panels and talk shows.

Dorothea is survived by her ever-loving husband Nathan, her daughter Lilian Anna, and her son Michael Franco. She was an adoring grandmother to her six grandchildren: Roberta, Lucy, James, Tyron, Mick, and Zeb.

Book Blurb: 

Dorothea Ferrari is out of work and desperate for a job. Despite having no qualifications or experience in the field, she applies for the position of Agony Aunt with a local Sydney newspaper.

Misunderstandings abound when Dorothea asks her Italy-based Nona for advice on answering the sample question in the job application. Nona, ever hopeful of a boyfriend for Dorothea and eventually great-grandchildren for herself, assumes that the advice is needed to assist with Dorothea’s own new (non-existent) relationship. Crossing her fingers behind her back at her dishonesty, Dorothea emails Nona’s answer to the newspaper and tells the editor that she, Dorothea, is a 75-year-old Italian grandmother with plenty of experience when it comes to love and relationships.

Dorothea lands the job but how can she tell Nona that she lied? And besides, Nona’s ongoing advice is essential in assisting Dorothea to answer the Agony Aunt questions – of which there seems to be an endlessly increasing number. In the meantime, Dorothea is struggling with her own real-life relationships and an unexpected house guest.

The real problems start when Dorothea’s new love interest, a man who despises dishonesty, discovers just what she has been up to. How can Dorothea extract herself from her self-imposed web of lies without losing her Nona’s respect? And can she regain the love respect of her new man, a man who might just be The One?

If you’re interested in the book and character, check out Dorothea’s Advice for the Lovelorn.

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