Goal Completion and a Poem

I completed my first draft of my slow burn, dark contemporary romance novel, Lightness In My Dark. My goal was to finish it by the end of January, so now I’m working on my MC romance novel, Quiet Chaos. I thought I’d share one of my poems with you. Whispered Goodbyes I watch the sugar maplewave from the breezein awe […]

Tender Is The Rain

casting great warmthupon the earthchanges one’s perspective eyes wide openrelishing the heat, sensationof natural wonders heaps of blooms, beasts,waterfalls and forests give way to new paths,purposes to wander through then when our bodies are fiery, intense,preserved for another daysun dips away, skies part clouds tender is the rain washes away old footpathstaken in the wrong direction pain and regret, companions […]

Newspaper Poetry

Some of you may already know about this from my October’s 5 Favorites. I came across Austin Kleon’s website and his book, Newspaper Blackout, so if you’re interested go check it out. Since I don’t live in the states, I had to go about it differently. Here’s how I create my own Newspaper Poetry. I found a site with a […]

We Are United

We are unitedin body and soul, tendrils of ligaments,impenetrable bones,and swollen hearts. Faith’s depths within,faith without, no matternow, there’s a cry for help. Flowering vessels,some weakened fromprevious ills, orold ripened woes. Kindness stretches towardfriends, strangers, and foes. It’s not a #memovementunless unpreparedfor your resting place. A little discomfortis better than dead. Stop demanding freedomwhen robbing another. A mask upon our […]

Types of Writing

I’ve recently started writing after several years away, and find myself venturing out into different types of writing, such as articles, poetry, guest posts, and literary fiction, which have their own standards. Literary fiction has always been my main reading genre, yet I never wrote this kind of fiction… until now. Short literary fiction seems to be a good start. […]

Timeless Poetry

Charles Bukowski was born Heinrich Karl Bukowski in Andernach, Germany; his mother, a German native and his father, an American serviceman. After financial issues in Germany, the family moved to America, first making a home in Baltimore, Maryland and then settling in South Central Los Angeles. Time Magazine called him a “laureate of American lowlife.” German by Charles Bukowski  being […]

Losing the Crutch

Today is 12 years since I quit smoking. I was a 26-year smoker, until one day I realized my breathing wasn’t the best. Without bringing attention to my crutch, I quit and kept quiet. Then when things steadied, I began letting people know. Twelve years ago, I took a big step toward health. Sure, I ate healthy and worked out, […]


Walls—barriers forourselvesand the outside world. Their allegianceresides with us—within us. Timechallengesby way of neglect,loss;cracked piecestossed into afusion sea. Graffiti soulstaresback—numbed and tortured bydeath. Gouged,missing parts,yet still leftstanding. We kick away thebroken pieces,apply patchesuntil thewrecking ballof timetakes theentire wall down. Linking life and poetry,Denise

Picture Story

I wrote this short story in rhyming poetry form several years ago. It isn’t in any traditional poetry form, and it’s based on the picture. Would love to hear what you think of this story/poem? Any and all criticism is appreciated. Snapshot Stories,Denise

A Few Sweets for Valentine

ValentineFlirtatious, AdmireCuddling, Romancing, BesottingSpark, Radiant, Hostile, UnhappyOpposing, Defaming, DuelingBitter, CruelEnemy Diamante is a diamond shaped poem with seven lines. The first line is a noun/subject, the second line are adjectives of the noun, and the third line are –ing words relating to the noun. Then the fourth line has two words describing the noun, and two describing the closing word […]