Spring Into Action

Spring has been with us for several months, and I’m so excited about how things are coming alive. I started growing herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers in our house back in March. The tomatoes will produce from June to September, and the Cucumbers, July to October. I thought I’d share some of my pictures and videos of our garden. We rent […]

Tender Is The Rain

casting great warmthupon the earthchanges one’s perspective eyes wide openrelishing the heat, sensationof natural wonders heaps of blooms, beasts,waterfalls and forests give way to new paths,purposes to wander through then when our bodies are fiery, intense,preserved for another daysun dips away, skies part clouds tender is the rain washes away old footpathstaken in the wrong direction pain and regret, companions […]

The Changing of Seasons

Many dislike the rainy, darker days of autumn. I’ve heard people say it’s a reminder of the impending cold winter. But there’s so much to consider over the autumn months: Reflection, Hobbies, Senses, and Giving. Reflection This is a great season to reflect on the year—to acknowledge changes, good or bad, and to appreciate them for bringing you to this […]

Quarantine Time

Hello Everyone! It’s been a month since I’ve posted on my blog, and I’m quite disappointed in myself. I wanted to make sure there was a post every week. Fortunately, I have a lot going on. First, I updated my author website, so if you get a chance please check it out and let me know what you think. https://authordenisebaer.com/ […]

Fog Catchers

Many years ago, I came across the words Fog Catcher on a site, and had no idea what that meant so I looked it up. For those who don’t know, a Fog Catcher is mesh stretched out between two poles where water droplets from fog accumulate and drip down into whatever people place below them. Nature and its Wonders,Denise