Books’ Theme Songs

Music assists movies by providing a sense of urgency, romance, or horror. It’s part of the sell. And if you really like the music, you can buy the soundtrack. We’re first enticed with a book’s cover and blurb. Then we crack open the book, or “Look Inside”, and read a few lines to get a sense of the author’s writing. […]

Our Inner Music

I enjoy all creative arts. Aside from writing, music is at the top of the list. One day I came across “The Do-Re-Mi’s of Personality” test, so I took it. It asks you to rate music genres, along with how you see yourself and a list of personality traits. There are also more personal questions regarding where you’ve lived and […]

The Sounds Poems Make

Since April (poetry month) is approaching, I thought I’d repost this one featuring poetry and musicians. When learning poetry, one learns the different forms of poetry along with a particular culture or history. They are a part of literature, such as meter and rhyme, and of the assumption that poetry is mastery of the language. As for lyrics, the average […]

Fifty Shades of Kanye

I’m not much for watching award shows; however, I do get some insight as to what happens on them through the media. Collections of reads are the basis for my comments. Everyone has been talking about Kanye West’s behavior toward Beck. Several artists, such as John Legend, thought Kanye’s walk on stage was funny when Beck won for Album of […]