I’m still here, coming up for air from time to time. An independent author’s work doesn’t end, and then when I fit all the extra life moments, a month or two has passed. On The Writing Front While working on my MC romance and erotica, another story idea came to me, so began my underground gang/crime novel. Marketing It would […]

Spring Into Action

Spring has been with us for several months, and I’m so excited about how things are coming alive. I started growing herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers in our house back in March. The tomatoes will produce from June to September, and the Cucumbers, July to October. I thought I’d share some of my pictures and videos of our garden. We rent […]

The Crumbling of Traditional and Historical Value: Handwritten Documents

The first recorded handwritten letter dates back to 500 BC from Persian Queen Atossa. Through the centuries, the writing material changed and progressed from cotton paper and goose quill pens to linen rags for paper and composite lead pencils. Our recorded history comes from many handwritten letters from kings, writers, adventurers, slaves, and many more. Through these letters, historians were […]

Cozy Up To The Fire

Curled up on the sofa in your favorite flannels, covered with a Sherpa blanket, your toes nestled into wool socks that stretch up to your knees. The crackle of the fire burning in the fireplace warms your face and hands. You stare into the fire, escaped smoke waters your eyes, and you breathe in the wondrous smell of winter, thankful […]

Goals and Challenges!

I think it’s great to make goals in life. Goals give us hope and purpose, challenges and failures, and always keep us going. And what better time to list personal goals than a new year, especially after this one. This year was a tough one for many. I can honestly say that although it was challenging, it wasn’t the worst […]

Freedom of Speech and Expression

This is a post I’m sharing from Laurette Long’s blog – Five Years On: November 13, 2015. It deserves repeating and sharing. I love Laurette’s posts because you always feel her passion whether you agree or not with the subject matter. She puts so much thought and facts into each post she shares. I’m so blessed to have met Laurette […]

End Of A Mad Year

We are approaching the end of a year. It was an emotional and physical roller coaster for all of us. Hopefully, we can find the positive in all the negative that’s been out there. Each day, no matter what troubles us in our lives, we have something to be grateful for. For one, I’m always grateful to God for giving […]

Mass Hysteria Repeats

On this day in 1692, Governor William Phips wrote a letter ending the Salem Witch Trials. It still took many years before the courts deemed them unlawful and the accused families received their restitution. What prompted the Salem Witch Trials were a few girls claiming to be possessed and then naming others that practiced witchcraft. After a local doctor, treated […]

Here’s a Little Secret

I don’t like gore, but I do like a fright! For many reasons, I was never into horror movies or books because I just can’t stomach the torture and blood for shock value or realistic horror that gets to my psyche. Sometimes though, the pounding of my heart from being scared is exhilarating—but only once in a great while. This […]