Fall Is Upon Us

This is my favorite time of year. The changing of colors. Preparation for the fall and winter holidays. Fall offers a slew of colors and a homey feeling. Who doesn’t love snuggling under a blanket with a warm beverage and a book? This year I’ve read a lot for enjoyment and/or beta/critiques. My Goodreads Reading Challenge is set at 45 […]

Goodreads Giveaway!

This is in celebration of my birthday month. *Psst, my birthday was yesterday. 😀 I’m running a Goodreads Giveaway for my dark romance, Lightness In My Dark! If you or anyone you know read dark romance, please stop on by and enter the giveaway. The giveaway runs until August 21. My fingers are crossed that you win! Goodreads Book Giveaway […]

?? Book Cover Reveal ??

Since I already revealed my book cover for Lightness In My Dark to my subscribers, I thought I’d share it here, too. I’ve been working hard to have my dark romance novel ready for publication in August 2022. It’s been a journey, and even after all the revisions, I’m still in love with Wren and Finn. I would love to […]

Through New Eyes

No, I don’t have new eyes. They’re the same with a little more fogginess from age. Back in the day, before I was old and gray, I published a few books. Since then, there are so many new things I’ve learned and would like to share with you. Linktree This is a one-stop link account. All you do is add […]

A Valentine’s Celebration

Love is in the air. February is a great month for romance, so if you’re looking for a book to cuddle up with then check out these books. You just might find your new favorite author. Publication Dates: ‎ July 12, 2021 and January 27, 2022 Meet the characters: Pepper – optimistic, loving, the heart of the storyCharles – a […]

10 Years of Writing Growth

Today is 10-years since I originally self-published my psychological suspense novel, Net Switch. I had published it after firing my agent/publisher and 2 weeks after my mother passed away. It was a time of growth. Since publication, I have studied the craft more, learned what I did wrong regarding publication, and ventured into other types of writing, such as poetry […]

Books’ Theme Songs

Music assists movies by providing a sense of urgency, romance, or horror. It’s part of the sell. And if you really like the music, you can buy the soundtrack. We’re first enticed with a book’s cover and blurb. Then we crack open the book, or “Look Inside”, and read a few lines to get a sense of the author’s writing. […]

Cozy Up To The Fire

Curled up on the sofa in your favorite flannels, covered with a Sherpa blanket, your toes nestled into wool socks that stretch up to your knees. The crackle of the fire burning in the fireplace warms your face and hands. You stare into the fire, escaped smoke waters your eyes, and you breathe in the wondrous smell of winter, thankful […]

Lights. Camera. Action!

There are some books that you read and can actually see them play out on the big screen. Aside from authors wanting their own books made into a movie, some reads just naturally make your thoughts go there. Maybe you think of the actors/actresses, or you love the setting, or you want to be visually moved, scared, or romanced. For […]

A Second Read Through

“Finish your porridge, child, before you go racing about like a bug in a bottle.” I started rereading Katherine Arden’s Winternight Trilogy. Confession – I’ve never reread a book in its entirety. Why? Right? I mean, I re-watch movies so why not books? It wasn’t enough for a book to be a favorite of mine because I would think there […]