Brain Farts or Intelligence Gone Awry

I’m back! Did you miss me? Over the past two weeks, my dad, his friend, my husband, and I had a great time, which included many laughs, foods, and travels. On Sunday, we said good-bye to them in Brussels.Hattingen

My husband did so much to make my dad’s visit wonderful, and I can’t thank him enough for his time, cooking, and many hours of driving. He’s not only the BEST man I’ve ever known, but he’s also damn funny. Yesterday was his birthday, so I made a nice meal for him and cooked him an Éclair cake. Today, I’d like to share one of my husband’s hilarious experiences he told us, which left my dad red from laughter.

Before settling in Germany, our original plan was to live in the U.S. We both sent out numerous resumes, along with filling out countless applications. We lived and breathed job searches. Resume and cover letter sites were the only forms of reading we did for months.

During this time, my husband received a response from a school in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, looking for a German teacher. The interview renewed our faith in the job market. Nervous as always, my husband dressed appropriately and drove to the interview. Because there are many dialects in America, and we tend to talk fast, sometimes my husband doesn’t always understand what someone is saying. His English is great, it’s just he doesn’t know some American practices, slang, phrases, or innuendos. This contributed to his nerves when it came to interviews.

But he was a trooper, preparing for all kinds of questions they may ask. While he waited in the lobby area for his interview, a man approached, introduced himself as Head of World Languages, and said he was looking forward to talking with him. A few minutes later, a woman approached, introduced herself as Head of the World Languages, and said she was looking forward to the interview. This left my husband confused. He wondered if it was normal practice to have two Heads of a Language Department.

When called into the room, the woman and man, who both introduced themselves as Head of the World Language Department, sat smiling at him. They started out by telling my husband how impressed they were regarding his written application. It was the first time they ever received an interview questionnaire completely in German. Again, my husband was confused because a) he couldn’t remember if he sent the questionnaire in German, b) he couldn’t believe he’d actually do that in the States, and c) he still didn’t know what languages the interviewers taught. His curiosity got the best of him, so he asked if he could see a copy of his application. They slid it across to him and the below is similar to what he saw, minus some black markings and such.

Garbled text and symbols my husband could only assume happened due to a printer problem. This got the best of his professionalism. He began to laugh, which they didn’t appreciate. When they asked him what was so funny, he explained to them that the gibberish text wasn’t German, but a printer issue. They looked at each other, no longer smiling, and then back at my husband. At this time, if offered, he decided it was best to pass on the position. If they couldn’t figure out German from a printer issue’s scrambled text, he didn’t want to know who or how their department ran.

Has anything funny ever happened to you during a job interview?

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