MC Lite Romance

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He’s a tattooed Prez of a biker club, and she’s only been out of the convent for two years.

“Have a little faith and anything’s possible.”


At five-years-old, I entered the convent, and at eighteen-years old, I left, realizing the sisterhood was not for me.

With a place to stay, a best friend, and a good job, I believed it was only a matter of time before I met my future husband. To marry and have his babies. Unfortunately, my first boyfriend turned out to be abusive, and when I had the chance, I ran.

Then I met my beautiful hero, Cade, except he’s dripping in sin. He scoffs at my beliefs. Even so, I can’t deny Cade’s goodness or my attraction to him.

If I stick to my faith, I can win against temptation, right?

Or does God have a bigger plan that includes Cade?


I lost my adoptive parents, mom to cancer, and dad to alcohol. My company Briggs Bourbon is prospering along with my motorcycle club, Bourbon Riders.

There’s nothing better than a bourbon in hand and a woman on her knees… until Sky enters my life. Clad in bruises, blood, and ripped clothing, I offer her a place to stay because it’s the right thing to do.

Bible verses pour from Sky’s lips, and she gets under my skin as much as she warms my heart. This angel provokes a wickedness I’ve never felt before. She’s sweet and pure, and I promise to protect her.

When I offered to help Sky, it didn’t include becoming a husband. We’re opposites, and my ability to love died long ago… Or did it?