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A Three-Year Marriage Contract. Financial Freedom.
All she has to do is sign on the dotted line.

Finn Trevino’s principal goal is to become CEO of his family’s business at Trevino Holdings. To do so, he needs to change his ways. Finn is like the calm before the storm—magnetic energy—waiting to release its force. He has everything, except a trustworthy wife to devote her time to him and keep his secrets.

Knotted by her clandestine past, Wren Jagger keeps to herself, preferring quiet and appearing reserved to those around. By accident, Wren stumbles her way into Finn’s life after losing her job. She does not know how much she’ll have to weather the storm and prays it will break soon. If she survives Finn’s behavior, she’ll be financially set for life.

For the volatile Finn to crack, and the battered Wren to trust, they must become the lightness in each other’s dark.