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A street fighter and his childhood crush. A forced marriage. Both are hellbent on leaving the streets of Chicago, except the gang alliance won’t let them. They’re on the run.

Despite their forced marriage to create an alliance, Teagan and Joey grow to love each other. They refuse to let the underworld suck them six feet under.

Then one leader dies, and the other disappears.

And someone has put a black market hit on Joey’s life.

Teagan refuses to leave Joey, so together, they’re on the run, fighting against every gang, criminal, and crooked cop across the country.

Will they escape death and find a happy ending, or will their ashes be buried in the seedy underworld streets?

Triggers: attempted rape, physical abuse, domestic violence, explicit violence, street fighting, family death, friend death, homosexuality, child abuse (mentioned), the black web, and breath play.