A Valentine’s Celebration

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Love is in the air. February is a great month for romance, so if you’re looking for a book to cuddle up with then check out these books. You just might find your new favorite author.

Publication Dates: ‎ July 12, 2021 and January 27, 2022

Meet the characters:

Pepper – optimistic, loving, the heart of the story
Charles – a misjudged, broken alpha hero, with a dark past that’s catching up


Memories danced through my brain as I remembered every message that he sent to me, each one causing me to lose my footing a little quicker than the last, each one had me closer to the ground. He had me falling for him before I even knew him. I had retained feelings of his hands as they caressed me with every single possessive touch he ever gave; I felt him on me. Him not them. He dazzled me every time his fingers met my skin, with every ounce of power he held. Power that would have these b*st*rds on their knees begging for

their lives, just as I had been so many times this past week. But there was nothing, nothing like the light that sparkled in his eyes when he smiled from his heart and captured mine with a minuscule hint of innocence. Nothing, but the smell of sweet, sweet chocolate. He had a taste I would crave forever. Even now, when I never wanted to see another man again. I stopped listening when they continued to sprout obvious lies about him. I was the only one who saw the real him. We shared something special in the memories we shared from another life. I recognised his soul. The soul he desperately tried to hide from me.

That was his first failing.

And mine for allowing it.

Message from the Author: To all the amazing readers of romance and all its sub genres. I hope you enjoy the Valentine’s weekend with your loves… or with your book boyfriends! I have a freebie offer for Valentine’s Day! A gift from me to you! For the first time ever, both of my books are free on Amazon on the same day! It’s my way of spreading a little love.

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Publication Date: February 14, 2022

Meet the characters:

Jen – strong, confident, and funny woman
Alpha – surprising partner who is sweet, caring, and alpha in all the right ways, while still knowing when it’s time to step back and let Jen take charge.


Climbing up the ladder, I gently push on the plywood directly above me to check it. Like the cabinet, the plywood on the ceiling swings up on hidden hinges. The opening above is filled with complete darkness, and my heart pounds in anticipation of what I could find up there. After taking a deep breath to brace myself, I pull my phone out of my back pocket and turn on my flashlight app so I can see what’s up there. Another deep breath for courage, and peek my head up into the hole.

It’s a completely finished and furnished room! His attic spans the whole house though, and this is just a small space that has been walled in. Why would this be up there when he has two guest rooms? A table is in front of me blocking my view of the room, so I can’t see what else is in there, other than the coffee table and a chair next to it, so I continue climbing and work on safely and silently pulling myself up and onto the floor before I look around. Once I stand and raise my flashlight to the rest of the room, my heart stops.

The breath leaves my lungs.

My body tenses. Time slows to a stop.

It’s me.

Not in a mirror. Not on candid camera.


Message from the Author: Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s full of love, revenge, or a happy mixture of both, I hope it’s great! Happy reading! <3

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Enjoy your loved ones, pets, lovers, or book boyfriends!

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