A Southern Touch with Janice Olson

Thanks for stopping by for another fabulous look into an Indie Author’s world. Janice Olson, AuthorToday, I’m introducing you to Janice Olson, a southern woman with a love for God and writing. So grab a cup of coffee, or Southern Comfort if that’s your thing, have a seat, and get acquainted with Janice’s southern charm.

1. Describe yourself in 150 words or less.

To describe myself is difficult, but I think I’ll start by saying I’m a dyslexic introvert who, over the years learned to become an outgoing dyslexic extrovert. I’m still reticent to push my books or me; however, I can easily tout other authors, people, or causes I strongly believe in. While writing my novels, I get lost in my own little world. I’m zany, willing to try most things, and love to have fun and laugh. I’m artsy—love to paint, make jewelry, play the piano or organ, sing, make flower arrangements, or just about anything craft-wise. I like things to set at an angle, not straight on. Crooked paintings or pictures on walls drive me crazy. One of my greatest joys is figuring out an intricate plot before the ending and finding out I was completely wrong. I love my husband, family, and God, and I’m a loyal friend.

And there you have it in exactly 150 words, which I couldn’t do again if I tried.

2. Tell us about your published books.

My first book is “Serenity’s Deception,” a romantic suspense in the Texas Sorority Sisters series. BJ Spencer returns to her hometown, Serenity, to unexpectedly find a connection with her past and a love she thought forgotten. Now if she can just stay alive to enjoy the rest of her life, which seems to be an impossibility.

Book 2 is “Lethal Intent.” Madison Fletcher has lost everything to a madman’s gun, and now the killer is after her. After running from Austin to Dallas to a father she never knew, she finds a new life and a new future, or will the killer take it from her?

Book 3 is “Chameleon.” Roni Reeves hasto defend the man she loves even when all signs point to him as the killer. When she gets too close to the answers, the killer comes after her.

Book 4 is “Run … You Can’t Hide.” How far would you run to stay alive? Aimee fled to the piney woods of Texas, but … was it far enough? And can her elusive good-looking neighbor teach her the skills she needs to stay alive?

Book 1 of the Texas Serendipity series is a romance with a twist of humor – “Mr. What’s-His-Name.” When Tiffany gets rear-ended by a handsome executive in a Beamer, she soon becomes the acquisition in a full-blown battle for love.

3. Are you a “jeans, sit at your desk” kind of writer, or a “pajamas, stretched out on the couch” writer?

I’m neither. I am a warm-ups type of writer who loves to wear soft, stretchy comfortable bottoms and a loose shirt or t-shirt. I often sit in my recliner with my lap desk to write. But if I want complete quiet and not be disturbed, I go to my office and shut the door.

4. Did you go the traditional route or did you DIY publish?

I’m indie published by choice. I work full time and write evenings and weekends. I set my own schedule, and don’t have to meet a publisher’s deadline. I have watched my traditionally pubbed author friends with their suicide deadlines and edits and know that with my dyslexic mind that would never work for me. My self-imposed deadlines are bad enough. But each author has to choose which is best for them.

5. If you could meet any character you’ve written, who would it be and what would you say to them?

It would be my heroine from my newest release coming out July 28, 2015, “Run … You Can’t Hide.” I would tell Aimee how proud I was of the work that she does and encourage her to stay the course regardless how tough the challenges.

6. What’s your favorite quote and why?

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” It’s from the Bible, and it sums up how I do my best to live and treat others and would also like to be treated.

7. Which superpowers would you want?

The ability to fly. As a small child I believed I could fly, even tried it one day off of our garage roof. Thankfully, I didn’t break anything. But flying has always fascinated me … to spread my arms and leap from a precipice and soar through the air would be great fun.

8. In regards to writing, what are you working on now?

I’m presently working on two books for a November/December release. One, “A Plus-One Christmas” is a romance with a twist of humor. The book two, “’tis the Season for Justice” is a romantic suspense.

9. Where in the virtual world can people find you and/or meet for a chat?

Several places: www.JaniceOlson.com – where everyone can get a free download of my first romantic suspense book “Serenity’s Deception,” or on FaceBook.

Bluebonnets 2I asked Janice to send me a special picture, and she sent me this one. It’s a picture of Texas Bluebonnets, the state flower and Indian Paint Brush (the orange ones). You can’t deny Janice’s love for Texas.

To end this sit down with Janice, she confided in me, ONLY ME, at least that’s how I’m telling the story, that she loves funny movies. Here’s an oldie but goodie favorite of hers.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCZmMR4uNho]

Southern Writer and Southern Charm,
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