A Second Read Through

“Finish your porridge, child, before you go racing about like a bug in a bottle.”

I started rereading Katherine Arden’s Winternight Trilogy. Confession – I’ve never reread a book in its entirety. Why? Right? I mean, I re-watch movies so why not books? It wasn’t enough for a book to be a favorite of mine because I would think there were so many wonderful books out there just waiting for me.

Well, it’s been cold here and I remembered the Winternight Trilogy from December 2018. It was my second fantasy series and I loved it, so I started to read it, already on the second book. I have to say that I’m enjoying it all over again with more understanding of the characters. It never occurred to me that a story and character could reveal more when read again.

“His voice was a whisper of settling ashes after the fire has died.”

I’ve had the experience of starting a book I enjoyed, and then putting it down, wondering how I ever liked it in the first place.

But this series is so beautifully written. As writers, we should never want to write like others because it’s important to find our own voice, even if it takes years. Arden has definitely found her voice. Not only does she demonstrate it through character and plot development, but also through dialect and descriptive language. I definitely have a writer’s girl crush on Arden.

“The sun was like a mallet between the eyes.”

This has opened my eyes to the wonders of a second read through and how it can transform into a different perspective. A first read allows us to melt into the story and characters. The second time around might provide a newfound understanding of either one.

There were times when I read bad books, one after the other, to the point of frustration. Now, when I come across such disappointments, I have bookshelves of my favorite books just waiting to be consumed again.

If you’re looking for a wintery fairytale story set in Russia, I highly suggest this trilogy. You won’t be disappointed.

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