A Melody of Talent

There are dimensions of writing and Lyra Shanti dabbles in many of them. She loves immersing herself in a magical world, so be prepared to enjoy this enchanting interview.

Describe yourself in 150 words or less.

My name is Lyra Shanti, and I am an author, songwriter, poet, and playwright. I was born in San Francisco, but raised in Bellingham, Washington, which was a beautiful place to grow up with its tall trees, lakes, and mountains in the distance. I currently live in ultra-sunny Florida with my soul-mate and partner, Timothy, and my two insane cats.

If you could create a unique t-shirt, what would the t-shirt have on it? Describe.

I already own a few hand-made T-shirts I’ve created on places like Zazzle, such as a shirt for my musical, “#chat,” and an Arthur Rimbaud shirt with a quote from his amazing poem, Eternity.

Tell us about your published works.

I have books 1 and 2 of my Shiva XIV series out on Amazon for kindle and paperback with book 3 coming out very soon, probably this autumn. Shiva XIV is the epic coming of age story about a boy named Ayn. Raised in seclusion by priests on the planet Deius, Ayn is prophesied at birth to be the messiah of his planet. When a great enemy throws his destiny off course, he is forced to decide if he really is the one to save their galaxy or if everything the priests told him was a lie. A blend of sci-fi and fantasy, Shiva XIV has adventure, romance, political intrigue, and magical creatures; it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read!

I also have a novella called The Rainbow Serpent, which is a spiritual fairy tale loosely based on the Garden of Eden. My poetry collection, Sediments, is out on paperback as well.

If you were a tree, what type would you be?

I’d be a cherry blossom; they’re just so beautiful and relaxing. Then again, I love weeping willow types. The way they hang down and sway in the wind is so breathtaking.

What is your writing process?

I don’t have one. Ha! No, seriously, I don’t have a set regiment or anything. I need basic things like ice cold water and some kind of peace and quiet, though the latter isn’t always possible. I usually try to make myself do at least a little writing every other day, even if I’m not feeling up to it. When I was younger, I allowed myself way too much procrastination and insecurity; I let myself get eaten up by such setbacks. But now, I know better. Books don’t write themselves, and if I want them finished and read by readers, I have to push myself as hard as I can to write until the story is done. Sometimes, it’s just planning out the outline, and other times, I am in full on typing as fast as I can mode. It just depends on my mood.

What does success mean to you?

As long as I am being true to myself and doing everything I can to express my feelings and inspire others, as well as myself, I feel that I’m the best person, and writer, I can be. I don’t know if that’s “success” exactly, but it is my personal best.

How would your best friend describe you?

I think she’d say that I am a very determined, strong person who doesn’t let adversity keep me down. She often tells me that I am brilliant as well, which always helps my ego, especially when I’m feeling like an insecure wreck, which happens more often than I’d like. (Writers are such vulnerable creatures.)

When you’re not writing, where can people find you hanging out in the virtual world?


When not writing, I’m browsing on Disney park sites or checking out what’s new on Goodreads. I also keep up on my favorite manga online, specifically Yona of the Dawn.

Where is your favorite place to go and relax?

Disney2_smallMy favorite place to relax, besides certain spots at Disney World (it’s like a home away from home), is definitely Panera cafe. There is one close by, and I’ve hung out with my other half, written new works, or just relaxed with a mocha. I love most cafes, but that particular Panera just feels right.

I’d like to thank Lyra for participating in an author interview and sharing herself with us. It was a pleasure getting to know her along with her inspiring accomplishments.

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