A Few Sweets for Valentine

Flirtatious, Admire
Cuddling, Romancing, Besotting
Spark, Radiant, Hostile, Unhappy
Opposing, Defaming, Dueling
Bitter, Cruel

Diamante is a diamond shaped poem with seven lines. The first line is a noun/subject, the second line are adjectives of the noun, and the third line are –ing words relating to the noun. Then the fourth line has two words describing the noun, and two describing the closing word (usually an antonym of the first noun). The fifth line are –ing words relating to the ending noun, the sixth line are two adjectives describing the ending noun, and the seventh line ends with the noun/subject.

a Valentine’s wish

fate conspired to bring together
me, you shot by cupid’s arrow,
all mine on Valentine’s day
we celebrate our love,
a future puzzle,
cherished events,
toward a

Nonet is a nine line poem that starts with 9 syllables and ends with one. Rhyming is optional.

Poetry of the heart,