A Critical Eye

As writers, we all understand the foibles of juggling family, life, and writing, which leads to difficulty finding new perspectives. Fresh eyes on our works helps us grow as writers. This is why it’s important to find a critique group, partner, or pay for the service. It’s part of the writing process, and if you plan on publishing, an important part.

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6 thoughts on “A Critical Eye

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      Nice post. I never thought about the text to speech idea before, but that is a good idea. I like having a few friends or family members read my writing before publication. Not all of them will point out things that need to be corrected, but they give different perspectives and feedback.

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        Hi Susan, I do share my works with others, but I also need to edit my work. It’s important to make sure it’s in the best condition. Since there are many revisions, I need to have things readily available to me. I’ll share my works after a few revisions. Thanks for stopping by.

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          Yes, I know editing is important. It can be easy to miss certain things like a small missing word, as you pointed out, and it’s good to have some other eyes looking at it. I just mean that some of my readers, who are very close to me, won’t point these out to me, while others will. Still, feedback on the story itself can be useful.

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      I like using the text-to-speech feature. We tend to read what we think we wrote and sometimes spellcheck checks incorrectly.

      The other issue I have is overreading fatigue. The “I hope I didn’t miss anything, so I better read it one more time” syndrome. That’s when the fresh eyes of friends/family/beta-readers are helpful.

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