Preparations for National Novel Writing Month

Since November is approaching, I thought I’d repost this for National Novel Writing Month. For those of you who want to be writers, November is a perfect time to put your writing skills to the test. It’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), so I thought I’d give you some pointers on the site and writing. National Novel Writing Month is […]

Mass Hysteria Repeats

On this day in 1692, Governor William Phips wrote a letter ending the Salem Witch Trials. It still took many years before the courts deemed them unlawful and the accused families received their restitution. What prompted the Salem Witch Trials were a few girls claiming to be possessed and then naming others that practiced witchcraft. After a local doctor, treated […]

Here’s a Little Secret

I don’t like gore, but I do like a fright! For many reasons, I was never into horror movies or books because I just can’t stomach the torture and blood for shock value or realistic horror that gets to my psyche. Sometimes though, the pounding of my heart from being scared is exhilarating—but only once in a great while. This […]