A Critical Eye

As writers, we all understand the foibles of juggling family, life, and writing, which leads to difficulty finding new perspectives. Fresh eyes on our works helps us grow as writers. This is why it’s important to find a critique group, partner, or pay for the service. It’s part of the writing process, and if you plan on publishing, an important […]

How To Keep Your Readers Up At Night

Today we have a guest post by Shannon O’Hara. Shannon was kind enough to share her insight into how to create a book for loss of sleep and dark circles under the eyes. Please help me give a warm welcome to Shannon. As a writer, you want to make an addictive book, which will keep your readers up at night, […]

4 Tips to Writing a Book Blurb

You have readers picking up your book because of its awesome cover. Now you need a blurb to capture their attention and pique their interest. Know Your Genre 1) It’s easy to think of your book as unique—that it doesn’t fit into one genre—and most likely you’re right. Even so, there’s always a main genre presence within your book. This […]

We Are United

We are unitedin body and soul, tendrils of ligaments,impenetrable bones,and swollen hearts. Faith’s depths within,faith without, no matternow, there’s a cry for help. Flowering vessels,some weakened fromprevious ills, orold ripened woes. Kindness stretches towardfriends, strangers, and foes. It’s not a #memovementunless unpreparedfor your resting place. A little discomfortis better than dead. Stop demanding freedomwhen robbing another. A mask upon our […]

A Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon

We all have that story to tell, and then when we’re finished, we have no idea where to go from there. Because of my naiveté, I signed a contract with my editor at the time, who was starting her own company and paid a lot of money. Waste of money and I didn’t get it back. I fired her, learned […]